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What's Love Got To Do With It?

Fall & Winter 2002-2003

Legislative Hearings on Thursday will be in L2127 (9-11) and L4004 (12:30-2:30).

Schedule of conferences with Chuck: this link

Click here for the Legislative Hearings schedule.

Guidelines for self-evaluations, this link. Suggestions for writing a self-evaluation are found here.

The Final (Potluck) will be on Friday, March 14, following the last two Legislative Hearings. Place to be announced.

Web Crossing (web-x)

Program Web-X (discussion) site


In this program you will be posting writing on an electronic message board, in preparation for our seminars.  The location for posting will be our program's Web-X site.  Web-X is the short name for Web Crossing, the trademark of software that enables this activity.  At Evergreen, Web-X is also referred to as the “conference server.”  So, “Web-X,” “Web Crossing,” and “conference server” are all synonymous.  Communication that is posted on the electronic message board is referred to as "discussion."

Communication in the electronic message board site is asynchronous.  This means that participation is not simultaneous; participants can log in, post a message, read a message or respond to a message at different times.  Obviously, asynchronous communication provides the greatest flexibility for accommodating varying work and study schedules. This also is the appropriate mode for the type of collaborative "critical comment" and response activity we will use in this program.

To be able to participate in Web-X, we must place you on our program's electronic access list.  We can do that only after you have registered your name, password and e-mail address in Web-X.  We would like you to register in Web-X well before our orientation workshops on Thursday, October 3, and Friday, October 4, (9:30 to 11am in the GCC). This will give us time to put you on the access list and will allow you to do some testing of Web-X.  Because some of you will experience some technical problems (nearly always due to user error), it will be best to resolve them before class begins.

Registering in Web-X will take you only a few minutes to accomplish.  If you have trouble registering, please don't fret; relate the problem to Chuck in an e-mail message. You may also want to take the online Guided Tour of Web Crossing to help you get familiar with the basics of Web-X.  This tour will take five to ten minutes.  Below are the instructions for both of these activities.
Registering in Web-X
1) First you have to get to our program’s site in Web-X.  To get there, click on the link at the top of this page.   It is important for you not to depend on program website links (such as this one and the one on the home page) to get into Web-X.  This is because the course website and Web-X are hosted on different servers.  While you can usually get to our Web-X discussion and seminar sites through the above link, you should bookmark both the home page and our Web-X site for quick access. That way, if the server that hosts the home page is down, you can bypass it and get directly to Web-X.

2) Once you are in the "What's Love Got to Do With It?" Web-X site, you are ready to register (not log in).  Click on the blue button that says  “register”.  This will take you to the New User Registration site.

3) Type in your name, password and e-mail address in the appropriate box.  In the box for your name, type in your real name in the normal order, first name and then last name.  Leave one and only one space between your first and last names.  For example: Jane Doe.  In order to be able to use Web-X, you must remember not only your password, but also the exact way you wrote your name, including lower and upper case letters.  For security reasons, neither the faculty nor the Computer Center staff have any way of ascertaining or retrieving your password.  So, use a password you will remember.  Since there is no password confirmation feature that requires you to type in your password twice when registering it, type it in carefully.  If you think you made a mistake, delete it and type it in again.  Of course, if you are not careful and end up registering a password with a typo you are unaware of, the password you had in mind will not work after you register. You must enter an e-mail address.  All Evergreen students are given e-mail accounts,* but you may register in Web-X with any e-mail address you wish to use.  You may also change your registered e-mail address in Web-X at any time.

4) Click on the “Register” button.  You will get a message that says either: * “Registration Complete.”  Ignore the subscription suggestion for now and click on the “OK” button. You may click on the “Preferences” button and look around at the various options there, if you wish.  In the "Personal Information" section there, you may type in things you wish others to see.  That information will be available to others when they click on your picture, once you place it in Web-X.  As for other sections in the "Preferences," please do not change any default settings unless you know what you are doing.  The default settings will work fine for what we will be doing.  During the hands-on orientation, we will take your digital photo, which you will upload to Web-X from the "Preference" section labeled "Your Picture."Or: * "That user name is already taken; please try a different one."  This means either that you previously registered in TESC's Web-X (perhaps for another program or course) or that someone else with a name identical to yours has already registered in Web-X.  If you previously registered in Web-X, you need not register again unless you have forgotten the password you used.  If you forgot your password, you will have to register again, this time changing your name in some way (for example, adding a middle initial or using "Pat" instead of "Patrick", etc.)

5) Send Chuck an e-mail message ( to inform him that you have registered successfully (now or previously).  We will then put you on our site's electronic access list and send you a message conforming that we have done so.  After that, you will have full access to our site.  It is important that you send Chuck an e-mail message rather than make a telephone call, because he needs to "grab" your e-mail address from your message to place it in the course's e-mail distribution list.  If you want more than one e-mail address to be placed in the distribution list, please let him know.
Taking the Web-X Online Guided Tour
To go to the Guided Tour of Web Crossing, click here.  Follow the instructions and take the tour at your own pace.  The most important parts for us are (1) Getting around, (2) Posting a message, and (5) Checking for new messages.  Please note that we will be using additional features that are not introduced in the guided tour.  Specifically, we will be using "threaded" discussions.  You will see that our Web-Xsite has additional buttons that are not found in the guided tour, including "Reply" and "Outline.  The "Reply" button allows you to connect ("thread") your reply to another student's comment.  The "Outline" button will give you an outline of all the threaded discussions on a particular topic.  These and other features will be covered at the orientation meeting.  You can also figure them out by merely trying them out.  Their use is fairly intuitive.
*The following information is only for students who intend to use their Evergreene-mail account for e-mail communication in this course.  If you are a returning Evergreen student, your e-mail address is the same as previously.  If you are a new student and do not know your Evergreen e-mail address or temporary password click here for instructions about how to figure it out.  Please do not confuse your e-mail log-in name with the name you use to register and log into Web-X! The Computer Center creates your e-mail log-in name from the information you gave Registration & Records.  You may need to check what name you used when you registered.  If Registration has inaccurate information, the Computer Center will create your e-mail account incorrectly. You will not need your e-mail password to log into Web-X, unless of course you choose to use your e-mail password as your Web-X password also.  That would be okay (fewer passwords to remember).

For help or answers to frequently asked questions about student e-mail at Evergreen, go to:




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