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What's Love Got To Do With It?

Fall & Winter 2002-2003

Legislative Hearings on Thursday will be in L2127 (9-11) and L4004 (12:30-2:30).

Schedule of conferences with Chuck: this link

Click here for the Legislative Hearings schedule.

Guidelines for self-evaluations, this link. Suggestions for writing a self-evaluation are found here.

The Final (Potluck) will be on Friday, March 14, following the last two Legislative Hearings. Place to be announced.


3/7: Here is a link to the website for "The Good Citizen," a spring quarter program being taught by Maya and Chuck.

2/20: Tomorrow, we will make a field trip to the Capitol campus to sit in on legislative hearings. Meet at noon in L1308. If this isn't possible, you can make an alternative arrangement with your seminar leader.

1/23: The contact list for students can be found by going to the web-x site.

1/23: The posting site for today's discussion is now in place. Sorry for the delay.

1/11: The Writing Center has a series of workshops, with two this coming week (Week II) on "Thesis statements" and "Outlines and Organization." These tie closely to the rewrites due on Jan. 24. Here's a link to the schedule and descriptions of these workshops.

1/10: There is a link on the winter syllabus page to a page summarizing writing assignments and due dates.

1/9: Program Potluck on Friday, Jan. 24. 6pm, Chuck's house (2304 Walnut Rd. NW). Daniella will provide chicken.

1/3: We will be in full swing next week. Our schedule is unchanged, but rooms have changed. Please be sure you have read the assignment for Monday. Work out the details for your field work so that you can go ahead on Tuesday or Wednesday. See you on Monday at 9am in Library 2205. Happy New Year!

12/12: Please see the "field research" page for an update.

12/12: Winter quarter seminar lists are now posted on the "students" page.

12/10: Click on this link for end of quarter conference times with Chuck, either on Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 16-17, or on Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 7-8.

12/8: Potluck brunch, Thursday, Dec. 12, 9-12 in the Cedar Room of the Longhouse. Please bring something delicious that doesn't require heating before eating.

12/7: This Thursday, Dec. 11, field journals and drafts of your self-evaluation are due.

11/21: Have a good break, everyone! The winter book list and a draft of the syllabus for next quarter are now posted and can be found by going to the "winter planning" page.

11/13: This Friday we will hand out study questions for the exam on the 21st, and on Monday we will discuss how to prepare yourself for the ordeal.

11/11: You are not expected to post during Thanksgiving break, not until Sunday night, that is. Please don't forget to post on Dec. 1for the seminar on Monday, Dec.2.

11/11: See the resources page for a link to the "Alternatives to Marriage" web site and those of other organizations concerned with marriage and family.

11/8: We have changed due dates for the longer essay. Please read through the syllabus and note all the New entries. Also, for this coming Thursday, the required posting will be an example from your field journal that adheres to Field Note Guidelines (follow the link). Specific discussion sites have been created for these examples; responses are required, as usual.

11/4: This coming Monday, bring a series of questions and observations about a topic we have covered in our reading and discussions. This, rather than a sentence outline, is the next step in developing your longer essay.

11/2: Please keep an eye on the "field research" link. We will be asking you post an entry from your field journal before the "field seminar" on Nov. 14. Suggestions for that entry will soon be posted on the "field research" page.

11/2: On Thursday, Nov. 21, there will be an examination rather than a "field seminar." Details, and how to study for it will be announced.

11/2: Seminar potlucks! Monday, November 11th, Stephanie and Chuck will announce details to their seminars.

10/29: We've put up a link for winter planning. Please keep track of what we post and send us suggestions and feedback.

10/29: Please print a copy of the covenant, sign it, and pass it along your seminar leader.

10/26: On Monday we will review and discuss the program covenant, which can be found through the link "covenant" at the top of these pages. Please read, copy and print, then sign this document and give it to your seminar leader by Friday, Nov. 1st.

10/25: For Monday's seminar, read Intimate Matters, pp. 109-167, as assigned, but Graff, pp. 53-87, is no longer assigned.

10/22: Juliana left the following note for Stephanie's seminar: "Please announce to the students in Stephanie's seminar that to sign up
with Juliana , go to Library 3407 and check the sign up sheets that will be taped to the tutor mailboxes. They may also call 867-6420 to make
appointments." Carrie can be reached for sign ups through the LRC. Please be reliable about keeping appointments.

10/21: We are handing out an essay by Stephanie on working class families (after mid-century). Please read this and prepare for discussion on Thursday (Oct. 24). Maya Parson (who joins the program winter quarter) will be meeting with each of the Thursday morning seminars to discuss field notes.

10/18: There is an assignment in Understanding Mathematics for the workshop on Friday. We will be working on the interpretation of numerical data.

10/15: Please see the syllabus for a change in the writing assignmentdue next Monday, Oct. 21. We have extended that deadline until Oct. 28, and we are asking for a paragraph forecasting how you will address Ryan's thesis about changes in family life for the middle class in the 19th c. The paragraph is due Oct. 21, and the 4-5 pp. essay is now due on Oct. 28.

10/11: At the end of today's workshop, we agreed that those who have difficulty with access to a computer after 9pm, because they live at home and no have no internet connection, may post their seminar responses (those due on the day of seminar) the following morning before seminar (rather than by 9am). The deadline for posting comments remains the same (9pm the night before).

10/11: Seminar times on Thursday have been slightly tweeked. Please see the schedule for details. As happened today, Friday workshops will sometimes end before 3pm. On Thursdays, the faculty will announce the time they believe the next day's workshop will conclude.

10/7: Lincoln school has asked that we wait to begin our classroom work until Oct. 15 and 16. They have student-parent-teacher conferences this week, early release, and will be better prepared next week. Garfield assignments are still on for this week. We all will meet in seminar on Thursday morning as scheduled, however, and use the time for a writing workshop.

10/6: Postings on web-x are due at 9pm the night before seminar and responses to comments others have posted are due at 9am the following morning. The first seminar for which this is required is on Oct. 10.

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