Final Portfolio Table of Contents

Download End-of-quarter Schedule


Mon—Tues—Wed: Program Retreat

Creative Writing Workshop Menu of Tasks—you'll need these in your portfolio!

Download Retreat Schedule & What you need

Millersylvania Environmental Learning Center (includes directions)

Download Summary Schedule for weeks 7 - 10 (coming soon)


Late Start: 10:30
Guest: Natalie Knight, Workshop

Seminar: Cloud Atlas
Due— Seminar Task: bring in outside readings, resources, materials that can add to our discussion of Cloud Atlas





Guests: Meghan and Nicholas Smith on Pataphysics + Tyler's Workshop for House of Leaves, review, etc


Python Reading: Chapter 7
Programming Lab
Seminar Facilitators meet


Writing Workshop: Critique revisited.
Seminar: House of Leaves: Create your own "inclusion" for House of Leaves.


Revision of Thesis Due to Brian or Steven (4:45 in mailboxes).
Include first draft with any marks, tutor comments, and an Author's Note.



DNA video; brief lecture on visual-text. + Python: functions.


Cont'd. chatter about visual text + VAS. Writing workshop (in class exercise w/ invisible cities + small "Humument" experiment).
Link to pages about Tom Philips' Humument. + Gallery of Pages.


Programming Lab
Seminar Facilitators meet


Writing Workshop: PROJECT DRAFTS + Worksheet
Seminar: VAS, a short paper that analyses 3 different pages from the text.


Draft of PROJECT due by 4:45 in our mailboxes.

Writing Workshop materials from Thursday Due.




Lecture on Beckett; Lecture on Compooters


Thesis Concept Review & Note Cards—come prepared to talk about your thesis.
Writing Workshop Exercise —NO EXPERIMENT this WEEK


Programming Lab
Seminar Facilitators meet


Writing Workshop: Thesis Drafts—bring what you've got: printed out for each of your group members.
Seminar: Watt ; no seminar "paper" due


Draft of Thesis due by 4:45 in our mailboxes.




This week:

Monday: Lecture + Programming Lecture
Tuesday: A bit of film, Bring excerpt from your projects for critique + guest writer: Meghan
Wednesday: Lab
Thurdsay: Writing Workshop + Seminar

Geometric Regional Novel Assignment

Answer the following question and choose, as part of your support for your answer,

2-3 key images that function throughout the book,

and give a close reading of at least 2 sections of the text to support your answer.

QUESTION: what does it mean to create a “geometric” text?


PORTFOLIO check (see link on left)


Week Three

Remember, we have no class on MLK day. We'll have some adjustments in how we spend class time as a result.

Refer to the chart (linked on the left) Project & Thesis information.

READING for week three: A Void, by Perec.

See Programming Page for Python information and assignments.( Read: Ch 3)

Tuesday: Programming Lecture; Lecture + Writing Workshop

Wednesday: Programming Lab + Film

Thursday: Cont. Film (?) + Writing Workshop + Seminar

Things Due this Week:

Programming Homework (Tues 10 a.m.) & Reading

Programming Lab (Wednesday around noon)

Seminar: Notes on your four chapters of A Void

Writing Workshop: Revision Strategy + Worksheet + Experiment (Friday by 4:45)

Thesis: 2-page Memo: "Thesis Speculations"—This is a letter to your seminar faculty that describes your approach to responding to the thesis prompt, how you might construct a few different claims, and how you intend to deal with some of the texts.

Creative Project: Nothing Due this week.


Week Two

This week, you'll have the assignments below in addition to the new load of programming lab and writing workshop tasks.

+ Seminar Preparation task related to Flatland / Sphereland (due Thursday, week 2)

Write a short paper (2-3 pages) that compares and contrasts the roles that mathematics plays in Flatland & Sphereland.

+ Thesis Task: find and digest JSTOR articles (bring to class Thursday, final submission Friday)

Find 3 good, interesting examples of literary analysis. You will turn in about two pages that includes bibliographic information for each article and a concise description of each article's content, structure, and purpose.

content: What is the article about? What is its thesis? How does it support its arguments? What is its approach to the text under consideration? What assumptions does the author use to ground her/his discussion?

structure: How is the article put together? What are its different sections and what does each accomplish?

purpose: Why was this article written? What need or curiosity does it serve? How does it contribute to an understanding of the text or to literary thought in general?

Each of your 3 examples should be about one of the first five texts of this quarter.

If you can't find anything about a text that you want something about, you may search the web, but scrutinize your sources thoroughly—no blogs or personal websites. Even if on the web, they must be journal articles.

+ Project task (proposal + excerpt) due Friday (see project development handouts from last qtr.)

All the same parts as the last one, each modified & expanded to suit your developing idea:

—explanation of your uses of mathematics (3 uses, one page each)

—an expanded sample, 3-4 pages

—short discussion of form and content: this piece can no longer be "speculative" — please be precise and provide a thorough description of your work (1 page)

—research narrative


relevant documents


CHART: Project & Synthesis tasks this quarter


Week Four Portfolio Check


Thesis Prompt