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Robert Spencer
rspencer - 11:13am Oct 27, 2002 (1.Reply

Because the Ashaninka people do not have electricity, the cost to get the lines installed to the enterance of their village would cost about 25k and another 5k to install lines around the village to their homes.  The tribe has virtually no income other than the small amount of income they get from produce sales, with little or no income you cannot pay  electric bills, my thought would be to install solar cells at various locations around the village. I haven't researched the cost or availability of these cells, but they would last and there would not be a monthly bill for them to pay each month. With electricity they have the capability to transmit their radio so their voice can be heard, they have access to computers now that they run with a small generator, because of the cost of petro they can only use it once or twice a week.  By being able to use the computer daily they are able to market their products more effectively for income. With electricity it opens a whole new world of opportunities for them to advance to the modern world  but yet keep their culture rich and alive.

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