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Todd La Clair

Hello, my name is Todd La Clair and I am a Muckleshoot Indian from the Reservation Based progarm at The Evergreen State. I am studying in the International Travel and Newsletter Publication module instructed by Raul Nakasone. The goal of the class is to report on our international travel. We will create a newsletter from our experience,impressions, and analysis of our travels from the past and the future. We as students will organize, with our leadership skills, the next trip to Peru. We hope to excahange our culture with theirs and other villages by various means of communication including oral, observation, video communications, and internet. We hope to create a virtual world indigenous community forum to help indigenous populations to defend and protect their cultures.

I will exchange, with my video skils, films of our culture and how our culture is reviving. Today other indigenous cultures must retain as much of their tradition as possible and I think they can do this by communicating with other indigenous  populations on what they have learn over the centuries of how either they revived their culture or retained it. With the recent exploitation of the earths natural resources the indigenous people are being assimilated into the Euro-nation with much of their culture and language being lost. Not only is it important to retain these culture but we must be a voice on how destructive this is on the entire earth globally. Much of the culture of indigenous peoples are taught to respect the earth and it's surroundings and they are there to protect them so future generations can enjoy them. The Euro-nations on the other hand with their male dominating relegions say they are here to control the earth and exploit in order to matain a healthy economy no matter what the effect it might bring to future generations