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Claudia Miller

I am a student at Evergreen State College my name is Claudia Miller. I had the privilege of traveling to the village of the Askaninka's Marankiari in July this past year. I had a great time and met lots of wonderful people. I hope to have the opportunity to return again I would like to take my son to meet everyone. It was definitely a life changing experience. It made me appreciate living in the United States. I used to take alot of things for granted but  I don't anymore. We went during their winter season I didn't think it would b cold to me but I was wearing sweater's and coats in the city of Lima. When we went into the Amazonia Jungle though it was pretty warm I could wear shorts and a tank top. The people of the village that we met were so friendly and nice. We had only brought one interpreter for six of us so we had a problem. However we still were able to communicate with them it is strange even though you don't speak the same language as others you can still get the idea of what the others are saying. I was impressed with how much the Asakninka's have accomplished with being out there in the jungle with no electricity and hardly no money. I also liked the idea that they send their people off the college and that the students have to come back to the village for two years after they graduate to help out. It seems so strange that in modern day that there are still people that live the old ways. I had a truly fantastic trip and would reccommend that anyone who has the opportunity to go that they  go.

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