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Biology Lab -All Bacteria plates must be removed by 3PM Friday March 5. Biology Takehome exam is now posted..

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Jim Neitzel, Program Coordinator
Lab I, 1022
Office Hours: Best times to meet me are before or after class Mondays, Thursday after class. Make a time suggestion to me by email and I can usually arrange to be in my office.

Rebecca Sunderman
Lab I, 1026

Allen Mauney
Library 3210

Tutor hours and locations:
Thursday 3-6 PM, Lab I 1051 Elinor Mekeel; Friday 4-6 PM, Lab I 1051 Elliott Krivenko; Monday 3:30-6 PM, Library 2103, Elinor M.; Wednesday 1:30-3:00  Library 2103 Neill Prohaska, 3-6 PM Lab I 1051 Elliott K. Still to be fixed-Sunday afternoon, Tuesday after class.
Neill Prohaska has offered to set up appointments with students, and lives close to campus
neill@verdesoft.com,866-9566 (corrected!)
Elinor is particularly interested in biology, Elliott in chemistry, but all can be of assistance. Also, don't forget Devin in the QRC.
Program Secretary
Lab Stores Lab I, 2059 x6489
Computer Applications Lab (CAL)

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