Art, Nature, Pattern

Spring 2005


This program will incorporate art, science, education, and community outreach. We will examine patterns in nature and patterns in thought and learn how to describe these patters in art, science, computers, and mathematics. We will learn how our perceptions and understanding of the world are encoded in symbolic systems that can be communicated to others. By learning to recognize the simple processes that often underlie complex patterns, we can begin to see the magic inherent in our universe.

Mercy and Elisa in the News at the Procession of Species

From The Olympian:

Mercy at the procession"When it comes to pattern and nature, everything has a form. As an African, this is part of our nature, part of our African heritage."

-- Mercy Kariuki-McGee, 40, Olympia, a native Kenyan who participated with her daughter, Elisa McGee, 8, as part of The Evergreen State College's "Art Nature Pattern" class

"She's very creative and I knew she'd love being in something like this. She just loves to create."

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