Art, Nature, Pattern

Art, Nature, Pattern program will incorporate art, science, education, and community outreach. We will examine patterns in nature and patterns in thought and learn how to describe these patters in art, science, computers, and mathematics. We will learn how our perceptions and understanding of the world are encoded in symbolic systems that can be communicated to others. By learning to recognize the simple processes that often underlie complex patterns, we can begin to see the magic inherent in our universe.

Program Objectives:

To reawaken the respect and reverence for the world, and for art, sciences and education.

To reawaken skills in observation, imagination, and intuition. To work with awe, mystery, and participation.

To explore the mediums of drawing, painting, performing arts, and new technology.

To share our care, knowledge, and talent with children in Olympia  schools.

To practice 5 Foci of Evergreen pedagogy:

Interdisciplinary Study
Collaborative Learning
Learning Across Significant Differences
Personal Engagement
Linking Theory with Practical Applications


Program Themes, Projects, Requirements:

Students will synthesize their experiences in the Class Art Journal. Students should have a set of color pencils, a compass, and a straightedge.

Students will volunteer and work with children in elementary and middle schools for a total of 15 hours helping with math, art, geometry and computer projects.

Students will create WWW based Counting Books

Students will gain computer and art literacy. Students will research educational and gaming software for mid-quarter presentations.

Students will participate in Procession of the Species parade.

Required Texts:

A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe, The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science, by Michael s. Schneider

The Connected Family, by S. Papert

There will be also a number of articles and web sites throughout the quarter.

The Art, Nature, Pattern program is centered on building a learning community. The success of the program depends on your interest and desire to work actively with other students in the class and with children in the community.

The most important aspect of the course for us, and our greatest aspiration is to create a safe and inspiring environment for you to question, to engage your imagination, to express your talent, and courage. I hope that in this course you will have an opportunity to do your best work.

Attendance and participation in all the classes is essential for a full credit. More then two missed classes will result in a reduced credit. All missed classes must be made up. If you are missing a class, please email us the reason for your absence and proposal how you will make up the missed time. It will be your responsibility to check with a class mate friend to know what we did in class and what is due.

Working in the class individually and as a group we will honor the atmosphere of trust, honesty, safety, and respect for each other, and for the children we are working with.

All course requirements and assignments will be explained in detail in class. If you need to reach us, please leave a message for Hirsh at 867- 6736 or Barry at 867- 5531 or email us.

The art materials fee of $15.00 is a part of your tuition for the program.



"The living word awakened my soul,
Gave it light, hope, joy, set it free."

Helen Keller