Art, Nature, Pattern


Community Service Contract

Passover song  Who Knows the One

Week 1

"If we study Japanese Art, we see a man who is undoubtedly wise, philosophic and intelligent, who spends his time doing what? In studying the distance between the earth and moon? No. In studying Bismark's policy? No. He studies a single blade of grass." -- Vincent Van Gogh


Read about Zen Art and practice your Enso, the empty circles.

The LOGO Language

There are many different versions of the LOGO computer language demonstrated in class. The LOGO Foundation has background information and lists a number of commercial and freely available implementations. The first introduction to LOGO was in the book Mindstorms by Seymour Papert. The one Barry was using is called Turtle Tracks. The Turtle Tracks web page includes (unfortunately incomplete) documentation and examples. It can installed and run as a separate application or run within a web browser as an "applet" by clicking the button below. The first command you should type when it starts is "draw" which will open the black drawing window with the turtle in it. The applet version requires the Java Plugin  to be installed in your web browser. If you try it and it not working on your computer try installing the Java Plugin by clicking on the "Java Software Download" button at

Week 2

Introduction to LOGO Lab           Here is a more printable PDF Version of this lab.

Introduction to Web Publishing Lab

Guidelines for midterm research project (PDF version for printing)

The Procession of Species web page

Week 4

Weird fractal explorer

Week 7

Mandelbrot Orbit applet

Week 8

Islamic Lattice applet

Week 9

In The Divine Comedy, Dante describes a vision of Heaven and Hell as 9 spheres. See more about this in:

Understanding of Heaven and Hell as a personal journey


Contemporary images of Heavens from NASA


Delacroix The Barque of Dante


Divine Comedy in Dore’s illustrations


View of Hell


Hell by Bouguereau

Week 10

Powerful Ideas Need Love Too! by Alan Kay

Harmonograph applet

Evolving Mandala applet

Psychedelic Blobs applet

Hyperactive Paint applet

Zebra stripes applet