Credit Requirements and Equivalencies

Use CRN (Credit) Level 40025 (12) Full Session, or 40026 (8) First Session to register for the program. All enrolled students are expected to:

1. Participate in All the Language Classes, Workshops, and Field Trips.

Attend and fully participate in the language sessions, cultural workshops, and field trips. Joining in visits and field trips is also required. These are not political or diplomatic visits but integral parts of the program. You will learn in turn from the visits and field trips how the city and community works, as well as getting valuable information about the culture and the society.

2. Participate in Tongji summer program specially designed for Evergreen students

In order to make your experiences in China successful, it is crucial to participate in daily Tongji activities as fully and actively as possible. More detailed information will be given at the campus orientations.

3. Keep a Journal

Keep a journal of your observations and experiences in this newly introduced culture. Be a good observer and jot down your findings and thoughts with your collections of “interesting” things in Chinese life, such as the artifacts, your Chinese painting and calligraphy writings, train tickets, stamps, advertisements, or funny “Chinese English,” etc. You will be creating valuable and meaningful records of your experiences. Better yet, document it in video recording or photo journal. You will have an opportunity to post them on your own blog later after returning to campus from your trip, or create other collaboration to turn your experience into something more meaningful to you.

4. Research Project: Observation Portfolio.

Based on your journal, compile an observation portfolio. Organize the observations according to several categories, such as family life, higher education, governmental structure and city planning, private businesses, religious practices, Chinese arts, Chinese medicine, etc. Portfolio should be illustrated with photos and other collected materials. The portfolio will create not only a precious record of your memories but also a valuable ethnographical record of people and their life in China.

Expected Credit Equivalencies:

4 – Chinese language

2 – Chinese culture and society

2 – Individual Research

8 – Total for 1st session

2 – Chinese language and culture

1 – Chinese media

1 – Individual Research

4 – Total for 2nd session

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