Class Schedule

We will travel and stay in Tongji University International School for the four weeks of language and culture classes on its Shanghai campus. Each day Monday through Friday you will be in language class in the morning from 8:30 to 11:30am. Two times weekly you will have the opportunity to take two different culture workshops, such as Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese paper cutting, Chinese martial arts or Kung Fu, and Chinese medicine to name a few. There will be visits to local attractions, museums, businesses on weekly basis and movie viewing or other social activities in the evenings.

On the weekends you will travel to Nanji, HangZhou, Suzhou, and other cities for overnight field trips. Such trips may include:

In 上海Shanghai:

上海豫园Yu Garden、东方明珠Oriental pearl TV towel、城市历史展示馆Shanghai historical Museum、外滩the Bund、新天地 French Concession-Xintiandi、上海博物馆Shanghai Muesum、观看杂技表演Acrobatic Show、浦江游览Shanghai River Cruise、一到两家企业等visit one or two enterprises.

In 南京Nanjing:

Visit中山陵 (Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’ Mausoleum)、长江大桥 (Bridge of Yantzi River)、大屠杀纪念馆 (Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall)、玄武湖 (Xuanwu Lake)等

In 杭州HangZhou、乌镇Water town Wu village (or Wuzhen):

Visit 灵隐寺Linyin Temple、飞来峰 Feilai Peak、岳王庙 General Yue Fei Temple、游西湖 West Lake、六和塔 Six harmonious Pagoda、乌镇 Water town Wu village 等

In 苏州 SuZhou、周庄 Watertown Zhou Zhuang:

Visit虎丘 Tiger Hill、留园 Liu Garden、寒山寺 Hansan Temple、周庄 Watertown Zhou Zhuang等

For the last week of our China’s trip, you will travel to 西安Xian, where the great archeological excavation of Qin (221BC-206BC) Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses unfolded a strong army of altogether 7,000 life-size pottery soldiers, horses, chariots and weapons arranged in battle formations, guarding the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. We will visit the International Horticultural Expo while there. Then, we will travel to 洛阳Lou Yang, the old capital to 13 dynasties, the Cradle of Buddhism and the location of the Shaolin Temple, which is renowned for its Chinese martial arts and Shoaling Kung Fu. Be ready to experience the Yellow River region, the ancient Zhao court, where Laozi was keeper of the archives. We will end our travel study in 北京Beijing, where you will get a chance to climb the Great Wall, see the Forbidden City, and visit the National Palace Museum.

Important Date

April 1st: Notify the faculty of your interest. Pay a non-refundable deposit, $300 at the College Cashier no later than April 30.

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