Please follow the procedures in the order listed below. All the necessary forms are available below as linked documents.

First, contact the faculty and let her know of your interest. Place your deposit in the TESC Cashier’s office under the program account “China:Its Language and Culture”. Then, get ready for your trip!  You have to have (1) a valid passport and (2) a health insurance which will cover your illness and accidents while you are in China. Please refer to the “Study Abroad Handbook” at the International Advisor’s office in the Academic Advising. For more information about applying for a passport, click this link “Passport application”. You will also need to apply for a visa to travel to China. Please click this Visa link for more information on visa application. For information on China’s travel advisory guide, click here.

Enroll for 12 credits for full session, or 8 credits for first session of the summer quarter.

Fill out the (3) Travel Waiver form to register for the program. Waiver Form is available at the International Advisor’s office or online at Come to the May and June’s orientation meetings or make a group appointment to see the International Programs Advisor, Michael Clifthorne, to discuss your readiness for the program. If you have some medical concerns or taking some medications, make sure to bring it up with Michael.

Flight Reservations: make international flight reservations as soon as possible or once you pay the deposit or register for the class. You can contact the faculty asap for a suggested discount travel agency in Seattle, or make your own arrangement. Make a reservation so that you can be in Beijing on July 5 or 6th or at Tongji University in Shanghai on July 6.

Write the following papers and send them via e-mail to the faculty.

(4)  Self-Introduction letter to your faculty, describing what background you have with Chinese language and Chinese studies in general.

(5)  Individual Project Proposal:

Describe what you want to explore or examine while you are in China in one page. You may like to consult with the faculty or talk with one of the Chinese EF students to help you design your project idea.

Read the following documents carefully, sign, and turn them in to your faculty at Lib. 2508.
 (6) 2011Chinasummercovenant (7) Emergency_Contact_Info & (8) Medical_History_Form

Program orientation for the trip on May 25, 3-5pm in Library 3301. Or call faculty at 867-6239  for updates.

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