Present Yourself: Tools for effective presentations for faculty and students

Facilitator: Stephanie Zorn, Media Services


This session will explore various presentation technologies available to faculty and students. We will also take a look at how some of these tools have been used successfully for teaching and learning at Evergreen.

3:45 – 4—————————————–
In the last year here’s what some programs have done>>>


Faculty: Trisha Towanda

Advanced science students performing research projects

Workshop schedule:

  • 2 hour field recording workshop
  • 2 hour audio editing workshop (Audacity)
  • 2 hour Slideshare workshop that included assisted work time

(Skills learned: audio recording & editing, PowerPoint, Slideshare)



Faculty: Alison Styring

Advanced science students contributing to a group site of bird sounds, images, and information

Workshop Schedule:

  • 2 hour field recording workshop
  • 2 hour audio editing workshop (Audacity)

(Skills learned: audio recording & editing)



Faculty: Anne de Marcken

Entry students doing mapping and slideshows of work paired with audio.

  • 3 hour WordPress session
  • 3 hour audio recording and Audacity combined
  • 1 hour still camera demo
  • 2 hour Premiere Elements slideshow workshop

(Skills learned, audio recording & editing, Geo-mapping, WordPress)

Faculty Usage:

  • Zena Vergara, uses Prezi for class lectures
  • Bob Haft uses PDF books to display digital slides

4 – 4:15—————————————–

Overview of options available


  • Digital voice recorders (entry)
  • Field recording with Olympus (advanced)

Still Photography:

  • Point and shoot cameras (entry)
  • Rebels (advanced)


  • Vixia (entry – intermediate)
  • Rebel (advanced)

Audio Editing:

  • Audacity, entry level, all operating system compatible
  • Peak (advanced)

Video Editing:

  • iMovie (entry, but tricky to support)
  • Premiere Elements (entry)
  • Photoshop (advanced)
  • Premiere Pro (advanced)

Online Presentations:

  • Google Docs
  • Prezi
  • Slideshare


  • PowerPoint
  • Keynote

4:15 – 4:30—————————————–


How it could be applied to your upcoming curriculum?