Zotero – Citation Management for Newbies

Facilitator: Sara Huntington, Research Librarian


Faculty and students engaging in academic writing, research, or data collection should consider using Zotero.  Zotero is a powerful, free, web-based citation management tool, created by academics for academics, and supported by both the Computing Center and the Library here at Evergreen.  Zotero is used to build personal academic citation databases and full text libraries, to automatically format and output bibliographies and in-text citations, to share research materials with other scholars and students both here atEvergreen and around the world, and to save and annotate Web pages.

In this workshop, we’ll begin building personal libraries and introduce scholarly collaboration via Zotero Groups.  We will see how Zotero integrates neatly and simply with library catalogs (our own, Summit, and most others), research databases (like JSTOR, ScienceDirect and many others), important commercial sites (New York Times, Amazon, Google Books, etc.), and the Web in general.  We’ll demonstrate Zotero’s integration with word processors, WordPress, and (possibly) Omeka.  And we’ll conclude with a review of Zotero pitfalls, oddities, and annoyances.

Zotero:  Zorro + Totoro  + Bolero?