The Conquest of Mexico

Crepe de Chine


Happiness Comes Back in a Car

Smoking Hamlet

The Umbrella of Temptations

In the Storm of Love

A Love Play

Transposed Hamlet

The End

Christine, Edward, and the Cube

The End of Comedy

Marx Brothers

Rob. Wil. Riding Hood

The Party


Hippopotamus Migration in Africa

Two Tall

Underground Army

The Animated Room




How the Microcinema Project comes to be.....

Each week, Mediaworks has a final session entitled, "The Wrap" where they review the week's goals and activities, make plans for new projects and view a series of performance/media pieces derived from One Thousand Avant Garde Plays by Kenneth Koch.

At the end of week one, students in the program were arranged into small groups (or pods) that serve as study groups and collaborative production teams. These "pods" are responsible for the production of one performance media piece and for a short digital film during week 10 (the Microcinema project).

Beginning in week three the class began viewing and critiquing two to three pieces each Thursday at the end of class session. The guidelines are as follows:

1. The piece must have a live performance aspect

2. The piece must incorporate audio-visual images (film, digital, moving, stills)

3. The piece must utilize the written text of the play the pod has selected

4. The piece must be five minutes or a little less in length

By the beginning of week 5 the student pods completed screenplays based on Kenneth Koch's 1000 Avant Garde Plays. Students will read the script packages (treatment, cast list, screenplay, continuity script) and option on-line the rights to produce them for their collaborative Microcinema projects which will be screened week 10.

STUDENTS! How to option a package...

Step One- Read through all of the script packages.

Step Two- Decide as a group which package you want to produce for your Microcinema.

Step Three- E-mail the writers of the package. (Their e-mail addresses are located next to their names respectively)

Step Four- Once the writers have embalmed you back and OKed your group's request to produce their script, pick one group member to e-mail Jennifer ( at Mediaspace and she will mark your groups desired package as optioned and unavailable to other groups.

Step Five- Jennifer will e-mail the one member back telling them if the group can have the package they requested or if some other group already claimed it first. Once she approves your request, print out the treatment, cast list, screenplay and continuity script and start shooting!



- Once a package has been marked as optioned no other group may use it. The only way to know if a package has been optioned or not is to check its webpage. This is why it is important to claim the package your group wants ASAP or another group might nab it first. (Just like in the real world!)

-As much as Jennifer loves all Mediaworks students great and small, she doesn't read minds. PLEASE remember in your e-mail to her to put all group members names, the title of the package your groups wants, a copy of the approval e-mail from the writers of the package, and both names of the writers. Jennifer already had to go through all of the packages and edit all of them because of layout problems, and some people don't like to put their names or titles on their work which made it very difficult to figure out to whom to give credit. Loss of information means a slower response and you might loose the script you want to option!!! Thanks!