Transforming the Globe

Week 10

Week 10 Session Reading and Homework (Last updated 11/30/03 11:40 pm)
Monday, Dec 8th 9:00-11:30 Precalculus and Physics Lecture/Workshop

Final Week!
Physics Homework Due:
Zumdahl Ch 18, 14,15,17,18,29,32,33,37,45

Precalc Homework Due:

No Precalc Homework

Final Physics Workshop
The Physics of Trinity

Exam Preparation Workshop -- Bring Questions for the Exam

1:00-3:00 Chemistry Workshop

· Read Ozone Session 4C and do # 1-3

In class: We will briefly discuss CFC replacements and then we will finally answer the question "Why does the Antarctic ozone hole form in the Antarctic Spring?" This is the class you've been waiting for!
· Do Ozone Session 5 # 1-7
· Do Ozone Making the Link page 106 # 1 (Be sure your sketch answers the question "Why does the ozone hole happen in the Antarctic spring?"

3:00-4:00 Optional Tutoring Session Precalculus, Physics and Chemistry in Long House 2007
Tuesday, Dec 9th


LabII 1234 and LabII 1241

Precalculus and Physics Final exam

This will be a cumulative final on everything covered this quarter.



1:00 -2:00
Lab Clean up
2:00-4:00 Oral presentation practice

Dec 10th

Lab 1 1050 then the CAL

Overview of Exam Problems

followed by

Self Evaluation Workshop


Dec 11th


1. Nuclear power should replace power generated by fossil fuels.


2. Fossil fuels are not part of the solution to the problem of automobile air pollution.