Transforming the Globe

Week 4

Week 4 Session Reading and Homework
Monday, Oct 20th 9:00-11:30 Math and Physics Lecture

Exponential Functions: Precalculus 2.1
First Law of Thermodynamics:
H&R 19.9-19.10 and Laws 17.6
In Class:
Exponential Growth and Decay

1:00-3:00 Chemistry Workshop

Classification of matter Z. p. 26-30
Percent composition of compounds p. 93-95
Limiting reagent Z p. 113-120
Petroleum and natural gas Z p. 268
Catalytic converter Z. p. 590-591 and 594 Isomerism in alkanes Z. p. 1045-1049
Air pollution (AP) module Session 1 p. 1-2
AP Exploration (Exp) 1A p. 2-3
Read Gasoline and Air Quality in Chevron Motor Gasoline Technical Review. Go to the air pollution site at and follow the links.
Read Exp. 1B p. 5-9
Read Session 2 p. 22-23
Read Exp. 2A p. 24

In class:
Fill in rest of table on page 14 of the Air Pollution module
Do Exp. 2A # 1, 3, 4, 5 a, c, d, 7-14, 17 a, b (compare your answer to the volume of a typical swimming pool that is 25 m long, 25 m wide and 2 m deep)
Do Exp. 2B #2-11

Do Exp. 1A Preparing for Inquiry AP p.3. Both take a field trip to a local gas station, and take a 'virtual' field trip on-line to a gas station near Los Angelos (again, see the website).
Do AP Exp. 1A #1-3
Do AP Exp. 1B # 1 and 6 - 28

Optional Tutoring Session3:00-4:00 in Long House 1007 Precalculus, Physics and Chemistry Help
Tuesday, Oct 21st

Joint Physics and Chemistry Lavs

H&R 20.1-20.3
Laws 17.8-17.10
Z. Chapter 5

In Lab:
Laws 17.8-17.10
Lab Handout on P vs Mass dependence

Chemistry Homework Due:
Z. Ch. 3 #31-34, 45, 46, 51, 52, 86-92

Oct 22nd

9:30-12: 30 Calculus Lecture/Workshop

Logarithms: Precalculus 2.2-2.3
Logaritmic Scaling Workshop

Precalculus Homework Due:

Ex 1.5 #2,6,7,9,16,20
Ex 2.1 #2,3,7,15 (This may be easier after Monday's class)

Physics Homework Due:

H&R p 449 Q9, Q11,Q12,58E, 62P, 67
Extra Question
A hot tub that has a 4 square meter surface is kept at a temperature of 40 degrees celsius. At what rate does it lose energy to the environment when the the temperature outside is 0 degrees celsius. Assume the emissivity of water is 1.

Optional Tutoring Session

1-2 Algebra Help with Angelia in Lab1 1050
1:30-2:30 Chemistry with Jon in Lab 1 2033
2:00-3:00 Physics and Precalc Help in Lab1 2033

` 9:00-11:00 Chemistry Workshop

· AP Exp. 1D p. 15-19 and other pro and con oxygenated fuel readings you find at and other web sites.
· Listen to car talk excerpts if we haven't already done it in lab on Tuesday (use links on module web page at you have trouble, you can do it in the CAL)

· Do Exp. 1C #7
· Do Air Pollution page 21 # 2
· Any problems from the last chemistry workshop that you did not finish.

In class: We will use stoichiometry to generate of model of emissions as a function of equivalence ratio. We will also compare our model to models generated using equilibrium calculations.
· Do AP Exp. 2C # 1-8
· Do Sess. 2 Making the link Page 38-39 #

Take Home Test handed out

Due in Class:
Physics Lab book -- including sheets from Laws
Workshop Physics. This should include all labs from the first three weeks.

12:30-2:30 Seminar Reading: Research Information on Solutions to Global Warming