Transforming the Globe


Welcome to the Transforming the Globe Website. This page is for important weekly announcements. Save this page.
  • The debate topics are now decided. In preparing your debate arguments please consider the counter arguments of other teams. A draft of your debate brief is due on Monday, Nov 17th. Make sure your arguments are supported by well referenced, scientific and quantitative evidence.
  • Mathematical Modeling students, you can find the runtime files in the Transforming the Globe file space on the CAL in the handouts section.
  • Update to physics homework due on week 6 schedule-- there are 2 new fun problems on work for you .
  • After you have finished all your work tonight (October 29th) go outside and see if you can see the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights). Apparently there will be quite a display, even visible down here in Olympia --it will be best late in the evening. Here is a useful site that explains what is going on: facts about Aurora Borealis and a computer model of the current Auroral activity
  • Midquarter conferences are Thursday of week 5. Please bring your portfolio with you.
  • The Exponential Growth Worksheet solutions are posted on the Week 4 Syllabus
  • Mathematical Modeling students check your Mathematical Modeling syllabus
  • Check the labpartners link to view your labpartners online
  • The Week 2 Syllabus is posted. Please note the reading assignment and homework due datses. This week and all subsequent weeks, Physics and Precalculus homework will be due on Wednesday in class. The homework is based on the previous week's material.
  • First Class is 9:00 am on Monday September 29th in Lib 1612. Note: This time may differ from information elsewhere, but this will be our regular Monday schedule. see the weekly schedule for more information.
  • Please buy the program texts by the first day of class. You may find online prices are cheaper than bookstore prices, but if you buy online make sure you use the correct ISBN #
  • All students please complete Diagnostic Test 1 on the COMAP website by Tuesday September 30th. I will use the results of this test to determine how I can best help you with the Precalculus portion of the program.
  • We will be using graphing calculators. All students should have a graphing calculator. I recommend the TI 83 Plus for those who will be making a new purchase.