Transforming the Globe

Week 6

Week 6 Session Reading and Homework
(Last updated 11/5/03 13:400 pm - Solutions should now be correct)
Monday, Nov 3rd 9:00-11:30 Math and Physics Lecture

Precalculus: Inverse Functions; Precalculus 2.6
Physics: Molar Specific Heat; H&R 20.8-20.9 and Laws 18.12
Adiabatic Expansion H&R 20.11 and Laws 18.13

In Class:
Precalculus for the first 40 minutes then Physics for the rest.
Summarize Laws 18.1-18.4 and Demonstrate 18.5
Laws 18.13-18.14

1:00-3:00 Chemistry Workshop

· read Zumdahl Ch. 16-spontaneity, entropy and free energy
· Read Exp. 4C pages 79-80
· Read Exp. 4D pages 83-84

· Do Exp. 4C # 1-2
· Any problems from the last chemistry workshop that you did not finish.

In class: We will introduce thermodynamics and look at the temperature dependence of some reactions.
· Do Exp. 4C # 3-14, 16
· Do Exp. 4D # 1-13, 15

3:00-4:00 Optional Tutoring Session Precalculus, Physics and Chemistry in Long House 2007
Tuesday, Nov 4th

Group A: Chem Lab
Group B: Physics Workshop

Gas Laws Lab Report Due


· Read AP Exp. 4A pages 68-74
· Read Zumdahl appendix 3 pages A18-A21 on spectral analysis.

· Zumdahl Ch. 6 # 38-41, 43, 61, 62, 65, 66
· Z. Ch 8 # 47-50 and 52
· Z. Ch 13 # 2, 19, 21, 22, 23,24,28, 57, 59, 60, 62

In lab: We will measure the concentration of NO2 in the air we breathe.
· Follow the experimental procedure outlined in Exp. 4A
· Prepare a calibration curve of absorbance vs. concentration NO2 in mL/mL and also use the flow rate to determine the concentration of NO2 in ppm.
· Be sure to take very good notes for this lab because you will be writing a lab report on your results.
· Do Exp. 4A applying your ideas page 73 a, b, e, f.


Exploration 3D in Air Polution Module

In Lab:
Workshop Physics, Laws 18.5 and 18.10
Exploration Study the webpage on automobile engines
at How Stuff Works and answer
3D Q1-15,19,20
The class website might also be useful for finding sites with information about car engines specifications

Group A: Physics Workshop
Group B: Chem Lab

Nov 5th

9:30-12:30 Calculus Lecture/Workshop

Periodic Functions
Precalculus 4.1-4.3

Precalculus Homework Due:
Ex 2.3 #8
Ex 2.4 #9
Ex 2.6 #4,6,7,8,17

Physics Homework Due:
H&R Ch 20 pg 477
Questions 11, 12; Ex. 10E, 13P, 25E, 27P
H&R Ch 19 48E and 49E
Extra Question:
Venus is shrouded in a thick atmosphere. A runaway greenhouse effect has rendered its surface a balmy 732 K. On Venus the lapse rate is -8.8 K/km and the temperature of the stratosphere is a cool 200 K.
Find the height of its tropopause (which is the boundary between the troposphere to stratosphere.

2:00-3:00 Optional Tutoring Session 1-2 Algebra Help with Angelia in Lab1 1050
1:30-2:30 Chemistry with Jon in Lab 1 2033
2:00-3:00 Physics and Precalc Help in Lab1 2033
Nov 6th

In Class Test
Lab1 1050

Test on material from week 4 to week 6
Enthalpy of reactions
Limiting reagents
Equilibrium constants
Le Chatelier's principle

Gas Laws
First Law of Thermodynamics
Energy exchange in the expansion of a gas


Exponential Functions
Logarithmic Functions
Composition and Inverse Functions


12:30-2:30 Seminar

No Seminar -- start your research for the debate