Transforming the Globe

Week 8

Week 8 Session Reading and Homework (Last updated 11/19/03 12:00 pm)
Monday, Nov 17th 9:00-11:30 Physics/Chemistry Lecture/Workshop

Drafts of Debate Briefs are due

Zumdahl 18.1,18.2,18.4

In Class:
Radioactivity worksheet

1:00-3:00 Chemistry Workshop

Ozone module Session 1B # 1-2
Ozone Session 2A # 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, and Making the Link #1

Introduction to Kinetics Z. pp. 555-556
Reaction rates pp. 557-560
Rate laws Z. pp. 561-563
Reaction mechanisms Z. pp. 579-582
A model for chemical kinetics Z. pp. 582-585

In class:
Do ozone session 2B # 2,-6 and Making the Link
Do Session 2 C # 1-3 and Making the Link question 1

3:00-4:00 Optional Tutoring Session Precalculus, Physics and Chemistry in Long House 2007
Tuesday, Nov 18th

Group A: Chem Lab
Group B: Physics Workshop

Homework Due:
More thermodynamics problems worksheet.

In Lab:
We will examine a variety of ozone data so you can become familiar with the location, severity, and seasonality of the ozone hole. Come to lab with your curiosity.

Laws, Workshop Physics Ch 28.1-28.3

In Lab:
Laws, Workshhop Physics Ch 28.4-28.7

Group A: Physics Workshop
Group B: Chem Lab

Nov 19th

9:30-12:30 Calculus Lecture/Workshop

Trigonometry of Oblique Triangles
Precalculus 5.3
Trig Worksheet

Precalculus Homework Due:
Ex 4.3 #3,4,5,12
Ex 5.1 #2,3,4,7,10
Ex 5.2 #2,6,8,9,11
Physics Homework Due:
H&R Ch 21 pg 477

Extra Question
The Satsop Nuclear Power plant was designed to use steam at 549 degrees Fahrenheit to turn turbines, generating 1243 MWatts of useful electricity. In the process the steam is cooled to water at 125 degrees Fahrenheit before being reheated by the reactor. Calculate the optimum efficiency of the steam engine, assuming it operates as a Carnot engine. How much energy per second must the nuclear reaction provide to the steam engine as heat in order to produce the power it is designed for? (Later we will turn to the question of how that nuclear energy is generated by nuclear fission).

2:00-3:00 Optional Tutoring Session 1-2 Algebra Help with Angelia in Lab1 1050
1:30-2:30 Chemistry with Jon in Lab 1 2033
2:00-3:00 Physics and Precalc Help in Lab1 2033
Nov 20th

Chemistry Workshop
Lab1 1050

Homework Due:
Ozone Looking Back page 60 # 1-2


Read page 61 of ozone hole module
Catalysis pp. 588-595

12:30-2:30 Seminar

Read: The Making of the Atomic Bomb 16-Epilogue and the How Stuff Works atomic bomb page