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Illustrative Narrative
Independent Study Online
International Administration

Illustrative Narrative

James R. Blevins, 867-6228
TuTh 5-9p

For Credit
4 credits first session
Required Fees: $50 for printing expenses, materials, guest speakers
Special Expenses: $50 for books and supplies
CRN: 40083
Fees do not include tuition

This class will examine the simple act of telling stories with pictures and words. During the five weeks we will study related graphic novels, comics, films as well as narrative structure, shadow puppets and character and story development. This is a great class for anyone interested in developing ideas for illustrated stories and short films.


Independent Study Online

Charles Pailthorp, 867-6158
TuTh, 12-2p

For Credit
8 credits either session or 16 credits full session
CRN: Individual Learning Contracts
Fees do not include tuition

The instructor will sponsor individual contracts in the humanities, arts and writing. Students will be encouraged to post their work on the Internet, using Web-Crossing. Conferences can be conducted by way of chat-room sessions, also part of Web-Crossing. Email also will serve as a channel for regular contact. Regular postings and online contact will be required. Students will be able to carry out their work anywhere Internet access is available. Projects should be developed with the faculty, however, while the student is available for on-campus meetings. Students who remain in Olympia and wish to carry out their work face-to-face will be accommodated.


International Administration

Larry Geri, 867-6616
June 30/July 1; July 14/15; July 28th. 9a-6p

For Credit
4 credits first session
CRN: 40084 (UG), 40085 (GR)
Fees do not include tuition

This course will explore the theory and reality of international organizations. Worldwide there is little support for supranational institutions at a time when critical problems, including climate change, are global in scope. The course will explore this dilemma, consider the international system within which these institutions operate, and the problems they must confront, and discuss what it takes to work effectively on the global stage.


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