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Teaching and Learning in Argentina (Via Internships)
Theories of Personality and Abnormal Psychology
Therapy and Health Through Orissi Dance
Through Eyes in the Forest

Teaching and Learning in Argentina (Via Internships)

Evelia Romano
Contact instructor for schedule

For Credit
8 credits first session or 16 credits full session
Special expenses: $1,300 (5 weeks) or $2,300 (10 weeks) for lodging, fees for classes abroad, special fieldtrips and activities. Does not include travel expenses between U.S. and Argentina.
CRN: Internships
Fees do not include tuition

This intensive academic and cultural experience will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A highlight of the program will be teaching English and observing classes in bilingual schools (English/Spanish). These internships will be sponsored by the English Speaking Scholastic Association of the River Plate (ESSARP). As the academic component, it will include daily Spanish language lessons and a weekly seminar on teaching language and cultural topics. Students can enroll for first session only or for both sessions.


Theories of Personality and Abnormal Psychology

George Freeman, Jr., 867-6198
Sa, 9a-5p

For Credit
4 credits first session or 8 credits full session
40184 (full session), 40182 (1st session)
Fees do not include tuition

Non-Credit | Extended Education
Fee: $580 (10 weeks); $290 (5 weeks).
Clock hours for this course are available for an additional fee $34 (5 weeks).
Course Number: E4020 (10 weeks); E4050 (5 weeks)

The cornerstone of modern counseling and clinical psychology lies in our understanding of human behavior through personality theory and psychopathology. This program will explore the central personality theories from a traditional perspective as well as a multicultural perspective. We will examine the relationship of personality theories to abnormal behavior, develop an understanding of the DSM IV classification system and other diagnostic methods, and use films to explore the diversity of human behavior.


Therapy and Health Through Orissi Dance


Ratna Roy, 867-6469
MTuWTh, 4-8p

For Credit
8 credits first session
CRN: 40185
Fees do not include tuition

Embedded in ancient Sanskrit philosophy from India, Orissi dance is a holistic approach to health: reflexology, physical movement and stretches (similar to Hatha yoga), mind-body connections, and emotional well-being. The study, based on ancient texts, equates aesthetics with health and deals with concepts of rhythm, centering, breathing, and sustained movement as conducive to preventive care, a sustainable way of life. It also encourages emotional well-being.


Through Eyes in the Forest


Bob Woods, 867-6228
MTuTh, 1-5p except off-campus retreat August 12 through 17.

For Credit
4 or 8 credits second session
Required Fees: $210 for transportation, lodging and food during the retreat
Special expenses: $25 for art supplies
CRN: 40186 (4 credit), 40187 (8 credit)
Fees do not include tuition

Non-Credit | Extended Education
Fee: $290; $810 if participating in the retreat. This fee includes $210 for transportation, lodging and food during the retreat
Additional Expenses: $25 for art supplies
Course Number: E4040

The first two weeks on campus, students will learn and practice ways of seeing and drawing the inner and outer landscape. We will study a broad spectrum of environmental art and practice this form of constructing sculpture out of the studio. August 12 through August 17 we will be on retreat, staying at a hostel near ancient forests and the ocean, on the Olympic Peninsula. Students will do drawing, photo documentation and sculpture - all from the natural, the abandoned and the ravaged places in the landscape. Each student will create a body of work, uniquely their own, to be presented in a group show on campus at sessions end. A basic drawing course is recommended, yet determination and a positive attitude will suffice for lack of previous experience. As an option, students may remain in Olympia and complete their own body of work for the group show, to receive 4 credits.


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