Catalog: Fall 2007 - Spring 2008

Individual Study, Internships and Research Opportunities

Evergreen provides students the opportunity to study individually through Individual Learning Contracts, Internships and Undergrad & Advanced Research options. These options are primarily available to students doing advanced work. Students must have the support of a faculty sponsor.

Individual Study

Every quarter, some members of the faculty sponsor contracts rather than teach in a program. In addition, other faculty and staff may sponsor contracts in a student's area of interest. Students should contact potential sponsors (faculty & staff in the contract pool below) prior to the beginning of the quarter during which they wish to take a contract, internship or research opportunity.


Internships are arranged through Academic Advising with the support of a field supervisor and a faculty sponsor.

Research Opportunities

Research opportunities exist in Environmental Studies and Scientific Inquiry with the mentorship of faculty in these areas.


Contract Pool