Catalog: Fall 2007 - Spring 2008

Expressive Arts

In the Expressive Arts area, students gain skills and experience in the arts with a special focus on connecting theory and practice. Students often work collaboratively and in more than one art form simultaneously, exploring cross-disciplinary approaches to a theme. Program themes are drawn from the scholarly and creative work of the faculty, keeping the curriculum vital and relevant. Most programs take a hands-on approach, offering students ample opportunities for skill development, but a theme-based curriculum cannot provide sequential skill training in every art form. The area offers yearly work in the performing arts (theater, music and dance), media arts and visual arts. In all these contexts, the faculty strive to support a strong multicultural perspective. Moreover, we see creative work as a central element in a broad, liberal arts education. Thus, we encourage our students to seek academic studies outside the area for admission to some arts programs. Students in the arts are advised to periodically study other disciplines or to select cross-divisional programs offering the arts, such as science/arts or literature/arts. Learn more...

      Programs beginning Fall quarter 2007 Quarters    
Last Updated Status Program Title F W S Accepts
Spring Qtr
Sig Req'd
07.25.2007 Cancelled Adagio: Dance and Music Inquiry Fall Winter Spring    
    The American Eye: A History of America in Photographs and Fiction Fall    
    Christian Roots: Medieval and Early Modern Science Fall Winter    
11.19.2007 Revised Fashioning the Body: Versions of the Citizen, the Self and the Subject  Fall Winter    
03.06.2008 Revised Foundations of Visual Art Fall Winter Spring Yes Yes
04.25.2007 Cancelled Janus Music and Theater: Looking Forward and Seeing the Past Fall Winter    
04.18.2007 Cancelled Local Knowledge: Community, Public Health, Media Activism and the Environment Fall Winter Spring    
11.08.2007 Revised Made for Contemplation Fall Winter    
11.07.2007 Revised Making Space and Using It: Installation and Performance Art Fall Winter Spring Yes Yes


Me and My Shadow: Performing Arts in Society Fall Winter      
02.19.2008 Revised Mediaworks Fall Winter Spring No Yes
06.06.2007 Revised Mixing Messages: Bringing Art and Science Together for Conservation Fall    
02.20.2008 New, Revised Music in Culture Fall Winter Spring Yes Yes
05.03.2007 Cancelled Performing Arts Crossing Borders Fall Winter    
07.25.2007 Cancelled Performing Arts in the City Fall Winter Spring    
11.08.2007 NEW, Revised Performing Arts Laboratory Fall Winter      
    The Science of Sustainable Buildings Fall    
11.29.2007 Revised Shaping: Advanced Sculpture Fall Winter    
02.19.2008 Revised Student Originated Studies: Media Fall Winter Spring No Yes
07.25.2007 Cancelled Student Originated Studies: Theatre, Dance, Performance and Technical Theatre Fall Winter      
11.08.2007 Revised Student Originated Studies: Visual Art Fall Winter Spring Yes Yes
      Programs beginning Winter quarter 2008 Quarters    
Last Updated Status Program Title F W S Accepts
Spring Qtr
Sig Req'd
11.13.2007 New Individual Study: Fiber Arts, Installation, Non-Western Art History, Native American Studies, Creative Writing, Poetry, and Multicultural American Literature   Winter Spring    
02.20.2008 Revised Studio Projects: Painting   Winter Spring Yes Yes
02.20.2008 Revised Taking Things Apart: A Scientific and Artistic Exploration   Winter Spring No Yes
      Programs beginning Spring quarter 2008 Quarters  
Last Updated Status Program Title F W S Sig Req'd
02.29.2008 New The Art of Non-Violent Political Action     Spring Yes, sophomores and above.
10.16.2007 Cancelled Beyond Words     Spring  
01.29.2008 Cancelled Mask and Movement: Symbolic Theater of East and West     Spring  
    Nature: Image and Object     Spring  
02.29.2008 Cancelled Performance: Art     Spring Yes
01.29.2008 NEW Performing Arts of China and India Spring  
05.21.2007 NEW Rehearsal and Performance: Theatre     Spring Yes
10.03.2007 NEW So You Want to be a Producer?     Spring  
01.03.2008 NEW Two-Dimensional Visual Art: Portraits     Spring