Catalog: Fall 2007 - Spring 2008

Scientific Inquiry

The world is so full of such marvelous things that humans are drawn to wonder at it and try to understand it. Science is one result of that wonder. The faculty of the Scientific Inquiry planning unit are members of the scientific community—men and women who have devoted their professional lives to personal journeys of discovery as they investigate the world and help their students learn about it. We are committed to the ideal of science education in the context of liberal arts education, and science and mathematics are essential components of the modern liberal arts curriculum. We will help students—whatever their primary interests may be—understand the wonders of nature and also understand science as a force in our technological society. Learn more...

      Programs beginning Fall quarter 2007 Quarters    
Last Updated Status Program Title F W S Accepts
Spring Qtr
Sig Req'd
11.06.2007 Revised Christian Roots: Medieval and Early Modern Science Fall Winter    
05.02.2007 Cancelled Data and Information: Computational Science Fall    
11.06.2007 Revised Energy Systems Fall Winter    
04.23.2007 NEW Evolution in America: Innovations, Idiosyncrasies and Blind Spots Fall Winter      
    Evolving Communication: The Ways Humans and Animals Interact Fall Winter    
12.14.2007 Revised Foundations of Health Science Fall Winter Spring No Yes
    Genes and Development Fall    
11.08.2007 Revised Health and Human Development Fall Winter    
11.13.2007 Revised Introduction to Environmental Chemistry Fall Winter    
    Introduction to Environmental Studies: Natural Resources, Oceans and Global Climate Change Fall Winter    
02.19.2008 Revised Introduction to Natural Science: The Structure of Life Fall Winter Spring No Yes
05.02.2007 NEW Logical Foundations of Science and Computing Fall        
02.19.2008 Revised Mathematical Systems Fall Winter Spring Yes Yes
02.19.2008 Revised Models of Motion Fall Winter Spring Yes Yes
11.07.2007 Revised Molecule To Organism Fall Winter Spring Yes Yes
11.13.2007 Revised Money, Molecules and Meds Fall Winter    
04.26.2007 Cancelled The Physicist's World Fall Winter    
07.23.2007 Revised Science Seminar Fall Winter    
    The Science of Sustainable Buildings Fall    
02.19.2008 Revised Student Originated Software: Designing and Implementing Real-World Systems Fall Winter Spring Yes Yes
    Temperate Rainforests Fall    
06.20.2007 NEW,
Undergraduate Research in Scientific Inquiry Fall Winter Spring    
      Programs beginning Winter quarter 2008 Quarters    
Last Updated Status Program Title F W S Accepts
Spring Qtr
Sig Req'd
02.20.2008 Revised Advanced Chemistry Winter Spring Yes Yes
02.19.2008 Revised Computer Science Foundations Winter Spring Yes Yes
02.20.2008 Revised Taking Things Apart: A Scientific and Artistic Exploration Winter Spring No Yes 
    Tropical Rainforests Winter   Yes 
      Programs beginning Spring quarter 2008 Quarters  
Last Updated Status Program Title F W S Sig Req'd
    Alchemy: Spiritual and Chemical Spring  
09.06.2007 Revised Algebra, Algorithms and Modeling: An Introduction to Mathematics for Science and Computing Spring  
04.23.2007 Cancelled Astronomy and Cosmologies Spring  
    Designing Languages Spring  
    Ecology of Harmful Algal Blooms Spring  
    Invertebrate Zoology and Evolution Spring  
    Landscape Processes Spring  
02.27.2008 New The Nature of Space and Time Spring Yes
03.20.2008 Revised Physics, Politics & Profits of River Restoration Spring  
    Rainforest Research Spring Yes 
12.11.2007 New Thinking Straight Spring  
11.01.2007 Cancelled The Science of Fat Spring  
    Vertebrate Evolution Spring