Catalog: Fall 2007 - Spring 2008

Culture, Text and Language

The Culture, Text and Language planning unit invites students to engage in academic study of what it means it be human and to participate in social life. Its faculty prize rigorous reflective inquiry and integrative understanding. Through study of cultures, students explore the webs of meaning that individuals and groups use to make sense of their experience and the world. Through study of texts, they learn to interpret the embodiments of these meanings in forms ranging from enduring works to popular media and the artful practices of everyday life. Through study of languages, they become proficient in the means of communication in different societies and discover the beauty and power of words. The Culture, Text and Language planning unit coordinates virtually all the humanities curriculum and some social science at Evergreen. Our disciplines include literature, history, women's studies, philosophy, religion, classics, art history, linguistics, anthropology, sociology, psychology, politics, communications, folklore, creative writing, French, Spanish, Russian and Japanese. Learn more...

      Programs beginning Fall quarter 2007 Quarters    
Last Updated Status Program Title F W S Accepts Students Spring Qtr Sig Req'd
11.06.2007 Revised America Abroad Fall Winter Spring No Yes
    The American Eye: A History of America in Photographs and Fiction Fall    
05.22.2007 Revised Awareness: Writing and Renunciation Fall Winter    
    Christian Roots: Medieval and Early Modern Science Fall Winter    
02.19.2008 New, Revised City Life Fall Winter Spring No Yes
11.08.2007 Revised Evolving Communication: The Ways Humans and Animals Interact Fall Winter    
11.19.2007 Revised Fashioning the Body: Versions of the Citizen, the Self and the Subject  Fall Winter    
11.08.2007 Revised The Gypsy Road: A Study of the Roma Fall Winter    
02.19.2008 Revised Illuminations: French Arts, Thought and Cultural History of the Medieval, Renaissance and Early Classical Eras Fall Winter Spring No Yes
    Individual and Society: American and Japanese Society, Literature and Cinema Fall    
06.08.2007 NEW Individual Studies: Humanities Fall        
11.13.2007 Revised Japanese Language and Culture Fall Winter Spring No Yes
05.18.2007 Revised Literature of the Americas: Brazil and the United States Fall      
02.19.2008 Revised Looking Backward: America in the 20th Century Fall Winter Spring No Yes
11.08.2007 Revised Made for Contemplation Fall Winter    
05.03.2007 Cancelled Performing Arts Crossing Borders Fall Winter    
    Performing Arts in the City Fall Winter Spring    
02.19.2008 NEW,
The Practice of Community: Growing Home Fall Winter Spring No Yes
04.26.2007 Cancelled The Physicist's World Fall Winter    
    Poetics and Power Fall Winter    
05.11.2007 NEW Spanish Democracy Fall      
      Programs beginning Winter quarter 2008 Quarters  
Last Updated Status Program Title F W S Sig Req'd
    Gender and Culture: Japanese and American Literature and Popular Culture Winter  
05.18.2007 Revised Human Rights, Literature, Theory Winter No 
11.13.2007 New Individual Study: Fiber Arts, Installation, Non-Western Art History, Native American Studies, Creative Writing, Poetry, and Multicultural American Literature   Winter Spring Yes
10.23.2007 Cancelled The Power and Limitations of Dialogue Winter Yes 
      Programs beginning Spring quarter 2008 Quarters  
Last Updated Status Program Title F W S Sig Req'd
01.16.2008 New African and African Diasporic Storytelling Traditions Spring  
02.27.2008 New Apollo and Dionysus: A Study of Greek Tragedy Spring Yes
05.23.2007 Cancelled Awareness: Omnia Extares in Hesychia Spring  
12.18.2007 New Contemplative Studies Spring  
02.06.2008 Revised Designing Languages Spring  
02.13.2008 New Digitizing Movements Spring  
02.27.2008 New Discovering Darwin Spring Yes
12.18.2007 Cancelled Individual Study: Contemplative Studies Spring Yes
05.25.2007 New Individual Study: Humanities and Social Sciences Spring Yes
02.27.2008 New Knowing Me, Knowing Symbols Spring Yes
09.21.2006 Revised Literature of the Americas: Brazil and the United States Spring No
01.10.2008 New Monstrous Possibility: Literary Arts and Theory Spring Yes
02.05.2008 New, Revised Playing with Shakespeare Spring  
    Poetry New York Spring Yes 
12.18.2007 Cancelled Stages of History: Performing Gender and Authority on the Shakespearean Stage Spring  
04.25.2007 Cancelled Steinbeck's Americans Spring  
06.22.2007 NEW, Revised Sustainable Practice     Spring