Catalog: Fall 2007 - Spring 2008

Programs for Freshmen

Freshmen may enroll in Core programs, All-level programs and some programs designed for sophomores and above.

Core programs are designed to give you a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare you for advanced studies.You will learn how to write more effectively, read carefully, analyze arguments, reason quantitatively or mathematically, work cooperatively in small groups and use campus resources such as the library. Learn more...

      Programs beginning Fall quarter 2007 Quarters    
Last Updated Status Program Title F W S Accepts Students Spring Qtr Sig Req'd
03.16.2007 Cancelled All About Me: Writing and Wellness Fall Winter    
11.06.2007 Revised Art and Religious Practice Fall Winter    
    Art and Science of Light Fall    
11.13.2007 Revised Awakening the Dreamer, Pursuing the Dream Fall Winter Spring Yes Yes
    Awareness: Writing and Renunciation Fall Winter    
05.08.2007 NEW Beginning the Journey: First-Year Student Success Program Fall      
11.06.2007 Revised Calculated Fiction Fall Winter    
11.06.2007 Revised Christian Roots: Medieval and Early Modern Science Fall Winter    
12.11.2007 Revised Colonialism and Decolonization Fall Winter No Yes
05.02.2007 Cancelled Data and Information: Computational Science Fall    
11.06.2007 Revised Evolution in America: Innovations, Idiosyncrasies and Blind Spots Fall Winter      
02.19.2008 Revised Family: Inspiration of Significant Others Fall Winter Spring No Yes
11.07.2007 Revised Finance: Personal to Global Fall Winter      
12.14.2007 Revised Foundations of Health Science Fall Winter Spring No Yes
    Individual and Society: American and Japanese Society, Literature and Cinema Fall    
11.13.2007 Revised Introduction to Environmental Chemistry Fall Winter    
12.06.2007 Revised Introduction to Environmental Studies: Native Identities, Ecology and Resources in the North American Pacific Basin Fall Winter    
11.07.2007 Revised Introduction to Natural Science: The Structure of Life Fall Winter Spring No Yes
02.27.2008 Revised Knowing Nature Fall Winter Spring Yes No
05.02.2007 NEW Logical Foundations of Science and Computing Fall        
02.19.2008 Revised Looking Backward: America in the 20th Century Fall Winter Spring No Yes
11.08.2007 Revised Made for Contemplation Fall Winter    


Me and My Shadow: Performing Arts in Society Fall Winter      
02.19.2008 Revised Models of Motion Fall Winter Spring Yes Yes
11.13.2007 Revised Money, Molecules and Meds Fall Winter    
05.01.2007 Cancelled Our Place in Nature Fall Winter Spring    
11.08.2007 Revised Perception, Mind and Reality Fall Winter Spring No Yes
05.03.2007 Cancelled Performing Arts Crossing Borders Fall Winter    
11.08.2007 NEW, Revised Performing Arts Laboratory Fall Winter    
04.26.2007 Cancelled The Physicist's World Fall Winter    
    The Science of Sustainable Buildings Fall    
02.19.2008 Revised Seeds of Change: Food, Culture and Work Fall Winter Spring Yes Yes
02.19.2008 Revised Student Originated Studies: Media Fall Winter Spring No Yes
02.19.2008 Revised Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems Fall Winter Spring Yes Yes
      Programs beginning Winter quarter 2008 Quarters    
Last Updated Status Program Title F W S Accepts Students Spring Qtr Sig Req'd
02.19.2008 Revised Computer Science Foundations Winter Spring Yes Yes
    Gender and Culture: Japanese and American Literature and Popular Culture Winter    
02.20.2008 Revised Taking Things Apart: A Scientific and Artistic Exploration Winter Spring No Yes 
02.20.2008 New Time and Place: Regional Environmental Histories Winter Spring Yes Yes
      Programs beginning Spring quarter 2008 Quarters  
Last Updated Status Program Title F W S Sig Req'd
01.16.2008 New African and African Diasporic Storytelling Traditions Spring  
    Alchemy: Spiritual and Chemical Spring  
09.06.2007 Revised Algebra, Algorithms and Modeling: An Introduction to Mathematics for Science and Computing Spring  
02.27.2008 New Apollo and Dionysus: A Study of Greek Tragedy Spring Yes
02.29.2008 New The Art of Non-Violent Political Action     Spring No
05.23.2007 Cancelled Awareness: Omnia Extares in Hesychia Spring  
    Basic Botany: Plants and People Spring  
10.16.2007 Cancelled Beyond Words Spring  
12.18.2007 New Contemplative Studies Spring  
02.06.2008 Revised Designing Languages Spring  
02.13.2008 New Digitizing Movements Spring  
02.27.2008 New Discovering Darwin Spring Yes
01.16.2008 New Foundations of Economics Spring  
    HOLLYWOOD Spring  
    Invertebrate Zoology and Evolution Spring  
02.27.2008 New Knowing Me, Knowing Symbols Spring Yes
02.05.2008 Revised Learning About Learning Spring  
01.29.2008 Cancelled Mask and Movement: Symbolic Theater of East and West Spring  
    Nature: Image and Object Spring  
02.27.2008 New The Nature of Space and Time Spring Yes
01.29.2008 New Performing Arts of China and India Spring  
03.20.2008 Revised Physics, Politics & Profits of River Restoration Spring  
02.05.2008 New, Revised Playing with Shakespeare Spring  
11.01.2007 Cancelled The Science of Fat Spring  
10.03.2007 New So You Want to be a Producer?     Spring  
    So You Want to be a Psychologist Spring  
04.25.2007 Cancelled Steinbeck's Americans Spring  
06.22.2007 NEW, Revised Sustainable Practice     Spring  
12.11.2007 New Thinking Straight Spring  
01.03.2008 NEW Two-Dimensional Visual Art: Portraits     Spring  
03.06.2008 Revised War: Consequences and Alternatives Spring