Catalog: Fall 2007 - Spring 2008

Society, Politics, Behavior and Change

The Society, Politics, Behavior and Change planning unit weaves together the various social science disciplines that enable us to better understand society and the way in which society operates in local, regional, national and international arenas. Learn more...

      Programs beginning Fall quarter 2007 Quarters    
Last Updated Status Program Title F W S Accepts
Spring Qtr
Sig Req'd
    500 Years of Globalization Fall Winter    
11.06.2007 Revised American Indian Sovereignty: Competing Contexts Fall Winter    
11.27.2007 Revised Business, Culture and the State in the U.S.and Latin America Fall Winter    
    Christian Roots: Medieval and Early Modern Science Fall Winter    
12.11.2007 Revised Colonialism and Decolonization Fall Winter Spring No Yes
04.16.2007 NEW Contexts for Change: Mental Health Work with Children and Families Fall Winter Spring No Yes
04.23.2007 NEW Evolution in America: Innovations, Idiosyncrasies and Blind Spots Fall Winter      
    Family: Inspiration of Significant Others Fall Winter Spring No Yes
11.07.2007 Revised Finance: Personal to Global Fall Winter      
04.27.2007 Revised Foundations of Health Science Fall Winter Spring    
11.08.2007 NEW. Revised Growing Up American: Class, Race, Gender, Sexuality, Love and Family Fall Winter    
11.08.2007 Revised Health and Human Development Fall Winter    
04.17.2007 NEW Independent Learning Contracts and Internships: Environmental/Community Studies Fall Winter Spring    
02.19.2008 Revised International Policy and Business: Latin American Reality Fall Winter Spring Yes Yes
    Introduction to Environmental Studies: Natural Resources, Oceans and Global Climate Change Fall Winter    
06.06.2007 NEW Individual Studies: Management, Business, Maritime Studies, Non-profit Development, International Trade Fall Winter Spring    
03.23.2007 Cancelled Latin American Development: Rhetoric or Reality Fall Winter Spring    
    Looking Backward: America in the 20th Century Fall Winter Spring No Yes
    Marxist Theory Fall    
11.13.2007 Revised Money, Molecules and Meds Fall Winter    
04.16.2007 Cancelled Multicultural Counseling Fall Winter Spring    
11.08.2007 Revised Native Decolonization in the Pacific Rim Fall Winter    
11.08.2007 Revised Self and Community Fall Winter Spring No Yes
01.02.2008 Cancelled The Wisdom of a Sailor Fall Winter Spring    
      Programs beginning Winter quarter 2008 Quarters  
Last Updated Status Program Title F W S Sig Req'd
04.16.2007 New The End of Prosperity Winter Yes
11.27.2007 New Individual Studies: Environmental Studies, Health and Social Justice Winter Yes
11.19.2007 New Individual Studies: Topics in the Social Sciences and Native Studies Winter Yes
    Political Economy of Power In American Society Winter  
04.16.2007 Cancelled U.S.Foreign Policy Since Woodrow Wilson: Before and After 9/11 Winter  
      Programs beginning Spring quarter 2008 Quarters  
Last Updated Status Program Title F W S Sig Req'd
04.01.2008   The Arts of the Sailor Spring Yes 
01.10.2008 New Fairness in International Trade and Entrepreneurship Spring  
01.16.2008 New Foundations of Economics Spring  
05.25.2007 New Individual Study: Humanities and Social Sciences Spring Yes
02.05.2008 Revised Learning About Learning Spring  
02.12.2008 New Natural Resources, Globalization and the Economy of the Pacific Northwest Spring  
10.16.2007 NewRevised Physics, Politics & Profits of River Restoration Spring  
    Political Economy and Social Movements Spring  
11.01.2007 New Reality Check: Indian Images and [Mis]representations Spring  
    So You Want to be a Psychologist Spring  
02.07.2008 New Student Originated Studies: Community Development     Spring Yes

NEW, Revised

Sustainable Practice     Spring