Catalog: Fall 2007 - Spring 2008

Tacoma Program

The Tacoma program is committed to providing its students with an interdisciplinary, reality-based, community-responsive liberal arts education. The program operates from a frame of reference that values family, community, collaboration, inclusivity, hospitality and academic excellence. Recognizing the importance of personal and professional growth, research and scholarship, and commitment to community and public service, the Tacoma program seeks to provide a catalytic climate for intellectual, cultural and social growth. Evergreen's educational approach provides a unique opportunity for students to go into local communities and engage in research, education and problem-solving projects that are as beneficial to those communities as they are to our students. The Tacoma program seeks to be a nexus for activities directed toward responding to community needs. We see ourselves as a resource not only for students, but also for the broader community. Within this context, we seek to promote service learning by linking students, faculty, staff and community members in community development, sustainability and well-being efforts.

Our emphases—interdisciplinary understanding and analysis, collaborative learning, cross-cultural communication, problem-solving skills, multicultural richness, and seeing the connections between global issues and personal or community action—provide our students with community-building tools that are needed and appreciated outside our walls.

Features and Benefits
 • Situated in an inner-city environment
 • Faculty and student diversity 
• Flexible class schedule
 • Day and evening classes
 • A curriculum that integrates students' life experiences and goals 
• An emphasis on diverse cultural perspectives and experiences
 • Opportunities to engage in dialogues across and beyond differences 
• Personalized academic support and evaluation processes 
• A tradition of employer satisfaction with graduates
 • High graduate school placement rate

Who Should Apply
Working adult learners from western Washington who have achieved junior status (90 hours of transferable college-level courses) and 
who are interested in personal and professional advancement or preparation for graduate school are invited to apply. Everyone interested in building and sustaining a healthy community—whether in social services, educational outreach, shaping public policy or opinion, pre-law or environmental studies—is welcome in this program. Prerequisites for success include a willingness to be open-minded, to challenge and expand one's knowledge base and to engage in difficult dialogues across and beyond differences. For more information about the Tacoma program and to apply, call (253) 680-3000.