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Winter Quarter Activities - Week Three



Ratna and her students are leaving for five or more weeks in India. We wish them a safe, healthy, and happy journey, and look forward eagerly to their stories, photographs, recordings, and dances when they return. Also, Rose and Sean's students will be putting on a combined gamelan and martial arts performance on March 9 and 10 (dress rehearsal March 8) in the Recital Hall. Don't miss it!


This week your assignment is to come to seminar prepared with reading notes on The Sweat of Pearls, this week's reading. Your reading notes should be, specifically, about what you need to talk about to feel that you have had a worthwhile seminar. What thoughts, insights, and questions does this reading bring up for you that you need to discuss? When you take notes, please be aware of which character you discuss, from which story. There are five short stories: Luh Galuh, The Green Bag, Storm Clouds over the Island of Paradise, Waiting, and Meme Mokoh - a Pillar of Strength.


The Sweat of Pearls: short stories about women of Bali (by Putu Oka Sukanta). This reading is on closed reserve in the library, and will take you about two hours to complete. Please take notes as you read.

Tuesday, January 24

10-12: Com 110 (Roy), Com 341 (Williams), Com 323 (Tsutsumi) and Com 210 (Jang)

Workshops on language and arts. Note that Setsuko's workshop begins at 11 am.

1-4: Com 107 - Indonesia (Williams)

Wednesday, January 25

10-12: Com 310 (Tsutsumi), Com 320 (Roy), Com 323 (Jang), Com 338 (Williams)

Morning seminars will be on themes introduced by the readings; do not forget to bring copies of the week's reading.

1-4: rehearsals, films, and independent practice on your own.

NOTE: those students in the workshop of Setsuko Tsutsumi should come to Seminar II, D3109 for weekly films on Wednesday afternoons.

Thursday, January 26

10-12: Com 110 (Roy), Com 341 (Williams), Com 323 (Tsutsumi) and Com 210 (Jang)

Workshops on language and arts

1-4: Lecture Hall 3 - Indonesia (Williams)

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