Asian Culture and Arts - 2005-2006




Winter Quarter Activities - Week Ten



No readings are scheduled for this week. Tenth week will be the week for final presentations of your work. The presentations will not be collaborative like last quarter; instead, you'll be on your own. Because we have fewer people this quarter, you can take a few extra minutes. The big change will be that we do not want you to use media of any kind: no Powerpoint, no films, no recordings. There are several reasons for this. We want you to have a level playing field. We do not want you to be dependent on media to do your work for you. This is about your ability, by yourself, to convey information verbally to an interested audience about something of interest to you. This is non-negotiable.

Tuesday, March 14

10-12: Com 110


1-4: Com 107


Wednesday, March 15


Presentations in space TBA

Thursday, March 16

10-12: Com 110


1-4: Lecture Hall - Presentations

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