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Handouts for First Day of this Quarter:
1. Syllabus
2. Covenant
3. contact info form (to be completed & returned to Marla)
4. Sheet music
5. Non-student Fee Form for faculty and staff singers only

Audio rehearsal tracks for Requiem for the Victims of Chornobyl:

soprano alto tenor bass

A commercially-made recording of this same section of the Requiem is here.

An audio CD for your section and a list of the tracks thereon will be given out in class.

Rehearsing At Home with Your Audio CD:
Your audio CD contains two kinds of sound files: rehearsal tracks as well as completed recordings of those songs for which we have recordings.

The South African songs have vocally recorded rehearsal tracks; all other rehearsal tracks are electronically generated. On those MIDI tracks, you will hear your part as a synthesized oboe and louder than the others. These rehearsal tracks also include a metronome beat. Warning: MIDI tracks may contain some minor errors! Be alert: compare them to your score and what you hear in class.

Though it can be useful just to listen, study your audio CD with the printed music to learn your part. You will find that your "just listening" sessions are more helpful when you've also studied the printed score, and the audio recording will help you read the printed music more accurately. The more complete recordings are included to give you a sense of the tempo, style, emotional content, and overall feeling of the music.