The Evergreen Singers

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Singing and Music Literacy Help



Most singers need help reading music, staying in tune, and developing good tone. Even a little bit of study will be rewarding. Start anywhere and keep looking until you find the learning method that works for you.

Developing your singing ability:
Voice training software is now available on campus in the Vocal Lab, COM 334. You can schedule time in the lab through the Communications building information office, COM 301, 867-6070.
You can also buy your own software to use at home. For PCs: Singing Coach from
(The kids' version is about $25 and just fine; the adult version costs about $50.). For Macs: Vocal Lab from (only $10, but not as many features as Singing Coach.)

Music Literacy Help:

The TESC computer center in the Library building can give you access to Music Ace and Music Ace II, An easy and fun way to develop your music skills. Shop around in the lessons, games, and skill levels to find what you need. You will need to ask at the front desk to borrow a pair of headphones and find out which computers have Music Ace. You can get your own copy of Music Ace from

There are also lots of web-based music reading tutorials. Try these or find your own: