The Evergreen Singers

A performing chorus of The Evergreen State College


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Principles and Values:
The Evergreen Singers is a chorus of the whole Evergreen Community. Openness and inclusion are important core values for this group. Auditions are not required. You select the section (bass, tenor, alto, or soprano) in which you want to sing. You are expected to be able to match pitches and carry a tune, to learn your parts, and to sing with your section.

Marla Beth Elliott, 867-6096
Mail stop Seminar II B2124

Student assistant: Tobey Casey

2 credits FWS

Winter Quarter: Thursdays 6 to 8 p.m.

meet in COM 117

Credit will be awarded in Chorus.

Student fee: $27 for accompanists, copying, guest teacher, and performance expenses.
Enrollment capacity: 50 enrolled for credit, 5 Extended Education non-credit

No required texts for spring quarter.

Requirements for full credit:
To receive full credit, a student must have excellent attendance, conscientiously study and learn his or her parts, and fully participate in all class activities including rehearsals and performances outside regular class time. More than two absences may result in loss of credit. Attendance at rehearsals and performances outside regular class time is heavily weighted in awarded credit. We really mean it. Be there. Self-evaluations and faculty evaluations are strongly encouraged but not required