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What's due?

Week One: October 5

Introductions, program overview, covenants. In-class writing. Sign up for context setting groups. 

Workshops: Unbundling "Suburbs"

Nancy: What is academic writing? Sarah: How to read a book for seminar. 

Seminar: Hayden article

In-class reading: Dolores Hayden article to be handed out in class
Please read this essay by your classmate, Steven.
A current Evergreen library card and a useable e-mail account
Week Two: 

October 12

Video, Traditional Town Planning. Nancy on local environment and development. (lecture notes here)
Sarah on utopianism and planning.

Cedrona and Grass Lakes visit.
Pick the novel you'll read,
Form project groups.

Rooted in the Land, preface and essays that begin on pages 1, 40, 76, and 104. Suburban Nation pages 1-97
Week Three:

October 19

Urban Villages: Alternatives to sprawl?

Seminar on Suburban Nation  

Field trip to Briggs and DuPont, forum with local builders, planners.

Suburban Nation (finish)

Paper on Suburban Nation (see assignment sheet)
Week Four:

October 26


Sarah: What is history and how can it help us understand suburbs?

Film: Building the American Dream: Levittown. Guest: Holly Gadbaw, Urban Planner and former Olympia City Council member.

Afternoon: Attend part time studies workshops (see schedule here)

Crabgrass Frontier, Intro-p. 156
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Week Five: 

November 2

History and Quantitative Tools

Seminar: Crabgrass Frontier

Library Census Data Workshop

Excel Census Data Workshop

Crabgrass Frontier, p. 157-end
Paper on Crabgrass Frontier (see assignment sheet)
Week Six: 

November 9
Questioning Inequality:

Seminar on Black Wealth/White Wealth

Sarah: A short history of discrimination

Nancy: Developing Policy
Group project workshop

Workshop on co-authored evaluations Questionnaire for coauthored evaluation

Black Wealth/White Wealth
Paper on Black Wealth/White Wealth

(see assignment sheet)

Week Seven: November 16
Rooted in the Land, essays that begin on pages 25, 140, 150, 167, 185
Week Eight: November 23
Suburbs and Identity

Nancy: Suburban Haiku

Seminar; Daughters of Suburbia

Film: TBA

Memory sheet

Daughters of Suburbia
Paper on Daughters of Suburbia (see assignment sheet)
November 25-30

Stay home!

Thanksgiving Week(end) No Classes
Week Nine: 

December 7

Literature: Novel workshop, seminars and presentations

Peer editing of evaluations

Project time

Novel or play of your choice
Paper on your novel (see assignment sheet)

Draft of self evaluation

Week Ten: December 14

Student project presentations
Portfolios and peer-edited draft self evaluation Group and individual papers.
Evaluation Week
Student/faculty evaluations by appointment
Faculty evaluation, Final draft of self evaluation, on disc, for conference