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Internet: Knowledge & Community is a collaborative community inquiry based at The Evergreen State College.

The author pages can help us gain a better understanding of who we are as individuals which in turn can help us gain a better understanding of where were are headed as a community. While you should feel free to make your author page your own, there are several criteria you should try to meet:

  • Tell us why you were interested in taking this program.
  • Practice uploading an image by either sharing a picture of yourself or of something that represents you.
  • Practice using links by sharing your original question or other contributions you have made.
  • Practice redirecting by linking your Evergreen user name to your author page and name.

After you have finished your author page, go through your previous work and link your name back to your page. You can see an example of this here.

See how to create a new page and upload a picture here.

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