The Day We Met by Denise M. Carpenter
The Best Breakfast by Whitnie Kramer
Young Life Club by David Quinton
My Town by Barbie Smith
1609 Riverside by Melvin Taylor
Time by Anonymous


Elana Fisher by Valerie Boisen
Why My Mom Loves the Country by Valerie Boisen
The Sad Old Days by Jennifer Kramzer
Sunday Dinner by Jessica Lovelady
Why I Hate Hospitals by Barbara Remmem
Trusty Ole by Barbie Smith
Breathe by Lynn Wenderoth


Service to Humanity by Angela Bove
America‘s House by Don Carlson
Stay Right Where You Are by Denise M. Carpenter
Where I Sit by Sharon Madrid
Bethel Christian Church, Seattle by Royce M. Travis
Old Store On The Corner by Taileen Wilson


Unemployed by Kimberly Fretheim
Tad by Bob Kyllonen
Grandmother by Christen Lee
Confused by Jessica Lovelady
Second Half by Mark Marshall
The Storm With No Name, 2007 by Taileen Wilson


Anchorage by Tracy McCormick
Clam Feed by Barbara Remmem
Bus Station by Jamis Roose
Keeps Ya Going by Clint Ryan


Another Unfortunate Location by Marcus Briscoe
Firewood by Kimberly Fretheim
Behind Prison Walls by Jennifer Kramzer
Aberdeen Porch Thoughts by Gail Morehouse
Changing Weather by Loren Nann
29 Degrees by Michelle Sorensen

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