Week 10 – June 3

Interested in SOS for next year?  See the Academic Fair Handout. See below note for information about Portfolio’s….

  • If you are behind on the Stats Labs or Midterm, it’s not too late – check out
    – help from Kara Friday (week 9) 2-4  – Computer Lab (LIB 2617)
    – help from Robyn Monday 3-5 pm – Computer Lab (Lib 2617 )
    –  help with STATS concepts –  QuaSAR center can help!  They won’t know JMP or Resampling Stats, but the know the concepts!  They have lots of hours where stats help is available.  See cpat help page
  • Project Presentation Schedule (with room assignments) is posted .  Come 15 minutes early to the session where you present to make sure A/V is set up.  If you are presenting in a Seminar Room (Monday 1-3), you might need to bring your laptop!  If you have software you need installed, bring your laptop.
    – All – please attend all class sessions to hear about your peers’ projects!



  • 9:30 – Stats Portfolio’s due.
  • 9:30-10:15 – Stats Final Exam, in lab, on Moodle.  Must be IN LAB to take exam.
  • 10:30-12 Project Presentations
  • 1-3pm  Project Presentations
  • 3:30 – Project Presentations


  • 10-12   Project Presentations.


  • 9:30-12 – Project Final Report Due.  Project Presentations.  From 9:30 – 10:30 Richard will answer questions about the final.
  • ML portfolio due
  • 1-3:00 – Project Presentations and Pot LuckLonghouse 1007A.  We’ll have presentations first, then the snacks – bring a dish to share, and your own plate, cutlery, and a cup, and napkins.  If you have some, bring extra plates/cutlery/cup/napkins to help those who forget….

About Portfolios   

  • Seminar Portfolios:  Due Monday to Seminar.  Please collect into a folder or binder all your seminar papers for the quarter – the copy that your faculty has marked up.   Include the final paper – a rewrite of the paper of your choice or a new paper that synthesizes the seminar/lecture content of the quarter (e.g., more than one readings, possibly integrating lecture material into that paper).  Make sure your papers are not loose in the binder, and are clearly marked with your name.
  • Statistics Portfolio:  Due Tuesday 9:30 to Lab.
    If you worked with the same group for the quarter (or mostly, say 5 or more labs, with the same group) you may turn in ONE PORTFOLIO for the group.  Please prepare a cover page that lists the labs in the portfolio, and which students contributed to those labs.  make sure EVERYONE’S NAME is clearly Please turn in the labs that faculty has marked up and returned to you.
    If you jumped around, or worked mostly alone, please turn in ONE portfolio for yourself that has all the labs you completed.   If you cannot get the original (with faculty comments) to copy, then print a copy of what was turned in with your name on it.  Please prepare a cover page that lists the labs in the portfolio, and which students contributed to those labs.  If you can’t find a few of the labs, that’s OK, but be clear about what is and what is NOT in the portfolio on the cover page.
  • ML Portfolio.  Make a list of all of the labs and homework assignments that you submitted. After reading the comments that I have been making on the Moodle, if there are some that I have not commented on and you think that they represent your best work, then you should note that on your list. The ML portfolio is due on Thursday

About Project Final Report  (due Thursday 9:30)
Please see the project-report write-up.

Richard’s Conference Schedule.