Week 1


  • Welcome and Faculty Introductions
  • Introduction to MES, core programs, and gCORE
  • Class Portfolio and (briefly) Student Research Assignment (aka Term Project)
  • Seminar Skills: Weekly writing, longer papers (Weeks 3, 5, 7), Seminar faculty assignments
  • Course website, Evergreen accounts
  • Student Introductions – Profiles and Photos (bring a digital photo, or we will take it).
  • Orientation to the Moodle (East CAL), Tuesday 8:30-9:45.  Upload profiles and photos, a ‘test’ writing assignment, and two ‘test’ comments on others’ writing.
  • Thursday Lecture (Martha):

Regional Identity: Pacific Northwest (PNW) Environment and Environmental Issues

Key Skills:

  • Interdisciplinary learning and collaborative problem-solving
  • Navigating the program web site(s) and uploading writing and comments

Seminar Reading (for Thursday):

  • Big History
  • Northwest Lands, Northwest Peoples, Preface and Chapter 1

Look for the writing assignment (on the moodle) and post Thursday writing by 5pm.

Other Events:

Thurs. Sept. 30, 4:30 pm, Sem II, Room C1105, Sem II, Room C1105, MES Thesis Presentation:  Jeff Anderson, Comparing Endangered Streaked Horned Lark Fecundity to That of Other Grassland Birds (at Fort Lewis)

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