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I will also put interesting bibliographic items and other announcements on this page, until I figure out a better place to put them….

Dec. 4-5:  The Natural Step Course at Evergreen on Sustainability See also their other webinars and classes.  Natural Step offers reduced tuition for students.

The Spreadsheet for Regional Descriptions is now ready for you to download.  One person from each group should fill in the row for that group, and then upload it to the appropriate place in the moodle.  The place to do this is a forum under “Week 2 Seminar Questions“.  As soon as everyone has done this, Judy or Kathleen will consolidate all entries into a single spreadsheet, and post that!  (You will be able to see each other’s spreadsheets from the moodle.)

We now have a gcore file share on orca. You each have space there (Cubbies) to store your own files, as well as workspace where you can share files with each other (useful for projects). You can access this space from on- and off-campus.  File Space Overview gives more info.

programs The program moodle (with short writing assignment due Thursday) is open to students!  (click on link to right.)

The final version of the syllabus has been posted.

Thurs. Sept. 30, 4:30 pm:  MES Thesis Presentation:  Jeff Anderson.
Comparing Endangered Streaked Horned Lark Fecundity to That of Other Grassland Birds (at Fort Lewis), Sem II, Room C1105.

First Class Meeting:  Tue. Sept 28, 6pm, Sem 2 C1105
MES Welcome Back Reception:  Tue. Sept 28, 5pm, Lab I, Room 3023
Veterans & Dependents Reception, Thurs. Sept 23, 2pm, Longhouse, 1001
MES Orientation: Saturday, Sat. Sept 18, 8am- 1pm, Sem II, D1105

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