Eval Week

During Evaluation Week (Dec. 13-17), you are expected to do the following:

  1. Write a draft self evaluation (bring to your evaluation conference).  You will review this with your seminar faculty and will decide whether and when to post this with the registrar.
  2. Meet with your seminar faculty for an evaluation conference (you will sign up for an appointment with her ahead of time).  At that time, your faculty will have a written draft evaluation of your work for the quarter.  You will review that evaluation with your faculty, discussing your work this quarter. You will also have the opportunity to discuss your future plans in MES.  Bring to the conference the following:
    1. Your gCORE portfolio (if it was returned to you Week 10)
    2. Your self evaluation. Before writing this, see week 10 schedule for self evaluation workshop schedule and be sure to read the draft Program Description so that you don’t duplicate that information in your self eval.
    3. (Optional) Writing self assessment.  Please use the worksheet provided, and review all writing you have done this quarter when completing this self assessment.
    4. Decisions (even if tentative) if you are going to CONFER or do the Willamette Sustainability program.
  3. Write an evaluation of your seminar faculty; email this to her by December 17.
  4. (Optional) Write a gCORE program evaluation and email that to your seminar faculty by December 17.
  5. (Mandatory!) Congratulate yourself on a good quarter, leave for Break, rest up, have fun, be safe, and come back for Winter Quarter (starts January 3)!

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