Week 3 (Oct. 11)

Topics:  Geography of the PNW (con’t)

Faculty Facilitator:  Martha

Guest speaker: Greg Stewart, CMER Geomorphologist/Hydrologist, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, on GIS.  Putting yourself on the map: surveying and map making in the 19th and 20th centuries.  (incl.  coordinate systems)

Key Skills:  Mapping

Seminar Reading:

  • Chaining Oregon
  • Koelsch, William A, 2008, “Thomas Jefferson, “American Geographers, and the Uses of Geography”, The Geographical Review, 98(2): 260-279.  Posted on the gCOREmoodel at:  http://moodle.evergreen.edu/file.php/984/Thomas_Jefferson.pdf (if this link doesn’t work, go to the moodle itself, Week 3 Seminar.


  • 6:00 Announcements and a few comments by Martha
  • 6:30  Greg’s Talk
  • 8:00  Break
  • 8:30  Seminar (Greg will probably stay, might rotate through the three rooms).


  • 6:00 Announcements & Brief Introduction to Term Research Project
  • 6:30 Mapping Workshop – Martha:  how to read topo maps (Nisqually & Woodburn
  • 8:00 Break
  • 8:30 Scavenger Hunt on USGS Web Sites (Computer Center, Solarium)

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