Week 5 (Oct. 25)


  • Global Climate Change Implications for Washington State and the PNW
  • Project Topic Idea (short presentations by students and group meetings)


  • Mid-quarter student assessments
  • Monday, October 25, SEM II A1107, 3 pm – 5 pm.  Dani Madrone will present her work on biomass gasification to replace the campus natural gas facility, which provides heat and hot water for campus.

Faculty Facilitator:  Judy

Seminar Reading and Writing:  see Moodle


  • Guest speakers (Tuesday):
  1. Jeremy Littell, Research Scientist, Climate Impacts Group, Univ. of Washington: “Global Climate Change Implications for Washington State
  2. Dominique Bachelet, Senior Climate Change Scientist, Conservation Biology Institute, Remarks on Resource Management in the wake of climate change.
  • Portfolio Due
  • Project Topic Idea due (to Moodle)
  • Seminar on Climate Change


  • Guest Speaker: Liza Rognas (TESC Library):   books, interlibrary loan, journal and abstract/index databases and government agencies.
  • Term Project: Discussions with Affinity Groups
  • Workshop on Zotero http://www.zotero.org/

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