Week 6 (Nov. 1)


  • Long Term Ecology Data Repositories (an introduction)
  • Term Research Topic:
    • Lecture/Activity:  Writing a research paper (Martha)
    • Assignment Due Thursday Nov. 4: Final topic proposal, with at least 5 preliminary references (to moodle and hard copy)


  • The bookstore will be returning fall books starting November 1st and will finish around November 10th. Please remember to get any remaining books you need!
  • Fri Oct 29, SEM II C1107, 6-8 pm. Campus Mass Gasification Project Forum

Faculty Facilitator:  Judy


  • Lecture and Workshop on Long Term Ecology Data Repositories, in particular the H. J. Andrews Long Term Ecological Research Site.
  • Seminar on Klamath Knot


  • Room Change to LH 1! 6-8pm.  Guest Speaker: Mark Harmon, Professor and Richardson Chair of Forest Science at Oregon State University, Carbon Neutrality, Forest Biofuels Viewed from the Application of Ecosystem Theory.   To offer a perspective on carbon neutrality, forest carbon cycling, and management practices that will guide Evergreen’s biomass research.  Reading (see below).
  • Back in Sem 2 C 1105: 8:30-10pm.  Energy in the PNW:  Nuclear Power (Kathleen), Writing a research paper (Martha)

Seminar reading:

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