Week 2 (Oct 4)

•    Geography of the PNW
•    Sense of Place in the PNW
•    Green planning in the PNW

Faculty facilitator:  Martha
Guest speaker:  Tuesday, 7pm: Craig Partridge, Policy & Government Relations Director, Washington Department of Natural Resources.  Perspectives on what makes Washington unique with regard to environmental decision-making, how the state compares to Oregon and Idaho on environmental policy.

Tuesday, 6pm:  Anne and Megan, South Sound GREEN, Water Watcher Volunteer program.  They plan on distributing a sign-up list and creating a water quality testing workshop for MES students.  This volunteer opportunity brings MES students into K-3 classrooms to teach students about our local watershed and entails about 10 hours of commitment over the entire school year.

Key Skills:  How to write a seminar paper

Seminar Reading:
•    Atlas of the Pacific Northwest
•    Northwest Lands, Northwest Peoples, Chapters 2-5

Other Events:
Tues. Oct 5.  Judy will not be in class as she is attending a National Science Foundation (NSF) Workshop in Washington D. C. on Creating Scientific Software Innovation Institutes (S2I2) for the Environmental Observatory Communities.

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