Asian Culture and Arts - 2005-2006




Spring Quarter Activities - Week Five



David Mura, Turning Japanese, Anchor Press. NOTE! This is the final week of Rose's group still being in the United States. We wish you a safe and wonderful journey and we will look forward to hearing your stories when you return!

The assignment for this week (due Wednesday, May 3) is for you to develop a visual response (two-dimensional or three-dimensional) to the issue of the internment of Japanese and Japanese-American citizens. Please do some serious thinking about what it means to incarcerate someone on the basis of national origin, and how the "mob mind" can cause people to act in ways that thinking and compassionate individual members of that very same "mob" would abhor. Bring your response to seminar and be prepared to discuss it.

Tuesday, May 2

10-12: Com 110 (Roy), Com 341 (Williams), Com 323 (Ishii) and Com 210 (Jang)

Workshops on language and arts.

1-4: Com 107 - Japan (Williams) - Guest artists John and Elizabeth Falconer (traditional Japanese music)

Wednesday, May 3

10-12: Com 320 (Roy), Com 323 (Jang), Com 310 (Williams)

Morning seminars will be on themes introduced by the readings; do not forget to bring copies of the week's reading.

1-4: rehearsals and independent practice on your own.

Thursday, May 4

10-12: Com 110 (Roy), Com 341 (Williams), Com 323 (Ishii) and Com 210 (Jang)

Workshops on language and arts

1-4: Lecture Hall 3 - Japan (Williams)

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