Asian Culture and Arts - 2005-2006




Spring Quarter Activities - Week Ten




Work on your self evaluation and incorporate your self evaluations from fall and winter quarter into this one. Your end-of-the-year self evaluation should be no more than three pages total; check for spelling errors and typos, mistakes in grammar, and things that will embarrass you years down the road. Do not forget to be attentive and respectful to the members of your collaborative group! Be on time, beautifully prepared, and focused. Attend the performances of your colleagues as well; your faculty will be taking roll...

Tuesday, June 6

10-12: Dress rehearsals

1-4: Com 107 - Performances!

Group I: Gavin, Addy, Zach, Harry, Amanda, Heidi, Madeline, Claire, and Alice
Group II: James, Ava, David L., Charlie, Morgen, Dylan, and Trevor
Group III: Dana, Debra, Vip and Allison
Group IV: Therese, Yokiko, and Juliana
Group V: Jillian, Veda, Jennifer, and Amberle

Wednesday, June 7

10-12: Com 117

Use this time to work on your self-evaluations; get them to your faculty 24 hours before your evaluation conference. After your evaluation, take your self-evaluations (two copies, signed by you) to Registration and Records. Please do not forget to write a faculty evaluation for your seminar faculty.

Thursday, June 8

10-12: Com 110


Group I: Nick, David, and Ryan
Group II: Jonathan, Misa, and Lena
Group III: Maren, Aimee, and Samantha

1-4: Lecture Hall 3 - Performances!

Group I: Rose’s group (China students)
Group II: TBA
Group III: TBA

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