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The wiki project guidelines are now on a separate guidelines page.

Wiki Development

Recent STUBS

Please link recent stub articles you've created here. This will help others find what needs work.

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  • Transclude as many questions and references as possible. This includes
    * linking terms from the reading into question discussions and community inquiries
    * Creating links between relevant questions
    * Other ways of building interdependencies
  • Turn the question you started into a short article exploring that question (just an idea)
  • Find terms from the reading on the wiki (cmd/ctrl F) and link them all to individual terms for the pages
  • Perhaps revamp the main page. It currently looks like any other wiki article. Is there a way we could make it more official looking-- like an actual front/main page? (could we make it more inviting &or fun:?)
  • Is there a way to make this wiki interactive? Is there a way to instigate chat or would this even be a good thing to add?
  • Class Goals

Emerging Topics

Top 4 Most Revisions

as of 16:00 on 1/15/11

  • Anonymity is valuable in that it allows people to interact without normal social inhibitions.

1. The Internet as a Resource for Communities

Main Pages

User Generated Content


2. Technology and Social Justice

3. Wired vs. Non-Wired Communities

4. Technology's Impact on Communities

Main Pages

The Internet and anonymity


5. Philosophical Questions

6. Shaping the Internet

What forces are shaping the Internet?

How can people make an impact?

Who is responsible to teach others how to access the internet?

Course Reading Terminology

Initial Questions

Technical Questions