Ekphrastic Prose

Write an ekphrastic text in response to an image of the animal you are studying.

Learn to recognize and engage with the rhetoric of representation (both your own and that of others) as a part of the creative process.

Formal Requirements

  • Length: no longer than two pages, typed.
  • Must be in response to someone else’s image of the animal, not your own.
  • Can be any form, including prose.

Formatting Requirements

  • Include your name, group (“Chipmunk” or “Swallow”), animal, and the date.
  • This poem will become a part of your Animal Book, where it may be written longhand.
  • For the Animal Book, you will need a color reproduction of the image, along with proper citation.

Submission Guidelines

  • Due Monday of Week 4 by 4pm.
  • Share image and text with small peer critique group via Moodle forum.
  • Bring 2 hardcopies of your own work (include image and text) to class on Tuesday for Peer Critique. Color reproduction not required.
  • Bring hardcopies of each small peer critique group member’s work (2-3 pieces) to class on Tuesday, with comments.

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